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Can you name the Batman Enemies from the following clues?

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Forced Order
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Wears a cat-themed costume. Has a love-hate relationship with Batman
An insane scientist who specializes in the nature of fear
Has abnormal strength. Broke Batman's back
Has the ability to control all plant life and is immune to all poisons
Leaves clues to his crimes in the form of riddles and puzzles
Falls in love with the Joker and becomes his most famous accomplice
Makes major decisions by flipping a two-headed coin on which one of the faces is scarred
Short round man with a long pointed nose. Carries varieties of umbrellas
Leads the False Face Society. Hates Bruce Wayne rather than Batman
Homicidal maniac with a clown-like appearance. Considered to be Batman's worst enemy
Uses hats or other headgear for mind control
Keeps a tally of his victims by cutting new scars into his body with his trademark carving knife
Killed Batman's parents
Founder of the League of Assassins and knows Batman's secret identity
His body only functions below freezing point. Uses ice technology for weapons

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