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What is the name of a Formula 1 race? (two words)Think french.
What abbreviation is usually used for Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo?It is a reference to his jersey number.
The New England Patriots are located in which US state?13-letter answer.
How is an official in many sports called: Referee or ...?Don't mix it up with empire.
Which boxer from the Philippines is the only one, so far, who held titles in seven different weight classes?Through his sport be became a billionaire and a politican. He is still active in 2020, though.
Which highly popular sailing class shares its name with an optical device to cut things?Remember that Bond scene where he is fixed on a table?
What famous Irish beer brand sponsors the most important European club tournament in rugby?The beer is dark and creamy.
Which sports broadcaster, headquartered in the United States, considers itself to be 'The Worldwide Leader in Sports'?4-letter answer.
For which Olympic throwing discipline stands the World Record (men's) at 98.48 metres?Current record holder is Jan Železný.
Which 'madness' is the peak of the College Basketball season?We are looking for a month.
Which Italian word is used for a series of boat races?You can find it e.g. in the world of sailing, rowing, and canoeing.
Name any of the three Spanish women that have won at least one Grand Slam tournament in tennis.Years, in which these ladies won tournaments: 1989, 1994, 1998, 2016, 2017.
Which 2,29m-tall Chinese was active for the Houston Rockets in the NBA?'B*tch please' – he even got his own meme.
Who won both the 1998 Giro d'Italia and Tour de France? He was found dead in a hotel room in 2004 after an overdose of cocaine.He was known as 'Il Pirata'.
Jordan Spieth, Bryson DeChambeau, and Tony Finau were part of which team at the 2018 Ryder Cup?Well, flip a coin, in case you don't know.
German swimmer Michael Groß is one of the most succesful swimmers of the last century. What was his nickname?The word, we are looking for, is also used in golf.
What is the name of the biggest annual wrestling event of the WWE?Am I a maniac, if I watch it?
Which snowboarding superstar announced that he would participate in the skateboard competition that will be part of the Olympic Games for the first time at Tokyo 2020?The colour of snow.
Alpine skiing: Which Norwegian won 4 Olympic gold medals between 1992 and 2006?He became a member of the International Ski Racing Hall of Fame in 2015.
Name any of the two winter sports that were originally part of the program of the Summer Olympics.At that time the Winter Olympics didn't exist yet.
A 2003 movie, that received seven Academy Awards nominations, tells the story of which legendary American racing horse?I still wonder, what name stands for. Makes me hungry, though.
Which retired long-distance runner from Ethiopia set 27 world records during his career and won two Olympic Gold medals (10,000 metres in 1996 and 2000)?An Ethiopian Emperor and a Czech football player have very siimilar names.
How do you call a rank in many East-Asian martial arts? It is usually represented by different belt colours.The word we are looking for is very short.
Name any of the 8 chess players in the 2020 Candidates Tournament, held in Yekaterinburg. Last name only!One American, three Russians, two Chinese, one Frenchman, one Dutchman.
What is the name of the German that became 9th president of the IOC in 2013?He has the same name as a famous German composer.
LoL is one of the most popular E-Sports titles. What does the abbreviation LoL stand for?It's not Laughing Out Loud.
Which Russian goalkeeper, spending his whole career with Dynamo Moscow, is considered to be one of the greatest goalies of all time?He is the only goalkeeper who ever received the Ballon d'Or.
Which Swedish woman dominated Biathlon in the late 90s?She finished second in the Swedish edition of 'Let's Dance' in 2019.
Which version of billiard has 15 red and 6 coloured balls?British officers invented it in India.
Which of the following nations was not allowed to compete in the 2016 Olympics? Kiribati, Somalia, Myanmar, Suriname, Kuwait?Their National Olympic Committee was banned due to doping issues.
And what country won the most medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics?It only has approx. 5 million inhabitants, but a long winter sports tradition.
Which nation won the Africa Cup 2019, beating Senegal 1:0 in the final?Bounedjah marked the deciding goal already in the third minute.
When committing a hard foul, how many minutes is a player in handball usually suspended?It's '... Minutes to Midnight' (Iron Maiden).
1851: Which competition was originally known as 'R.Y.S. £100 Cup' but renamed after the first edition?The new name was in honour of the winner of the first edition.
Which year saw Roger Federer for the first time at the top of the tennis world, being ranked #1?There was a huge surprise in that year's UEFA European Championship, too.
Which mountain hosts the most famous hill climb race in the world? (two words)The 'PPIHC' takes place in Colorado.
With a capacity of 100,024, the biggest stadium in the southern hemisphere is located in which city?The stadium's nickname is 'The G'.
The NHL Season 1918/19 did not see a winner after the final series was cancelled because of which disease spreading? (two words)The name refers to a European country.
The Australian Football League (AFL), the only fully professional Australian rules football league, changed it's name in 1990 from VFL. What does the V stand for?The answer is based on a geographic name.
Which century saw the first documented Cricket match?It was played in Kent, England.
Badminton: The inofficial 'World Team Championships for Women' shares its official name with which internationally operating taxi service?The origin of the cup's name is in fact the name of a former British player.
What is the name of the Olympic-Games-like event of the LGBT community, held every four years since 1982?The most recent event took place in Paris in 2018.
The Timbersports series, a competition of wood chopping, is sponsored by which manufacturer of chainsaws?The company is located in South Germany.
The 'Palancas Negras' – the national team of Angola – took part in which edition of the FIFA World Cup for the first and thus far only time?They faced Portugal, Mexico, and Iran in the group stage.
In 1983, the Brasilian volleyball national team hosted a match in Maracana in front of almost 100,000 spectators. Which nation was the opponent?Two word answer required.
The truck division of the Dakar Rally was dominated by which nation in the last two decades?Manufacturer Kamskiy Avtomobilny Zavod (Kamaz) seems to build the best vehicles for this occasion.
The TV show 'Clwb Rygbi' ist broadcasted by which TV station?In which language would expect a word without vowels?
Which Frenchman won the Formula E Championship both in 2018 and 2019?Phonetically, he has a similar name as a famous french writer (1828–1905).
Which card game is the only one recognised by the IOC as 'bona fide' sports?You need four players.
Which Czechian, born 1993, is considered to be the best rock climber in the world?Multiple World Champion, he was the first ever to climb a 9c route, currently regarded as the most difficult climbing route.

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