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Australian Open - French Open - ... - US Open - which tournament is missing?Grass and strawberries.
Which city hosts the franchises Yankees, Jets, Islanders, etc.?The Big Apple.
What is the name of the stadium of FC Barcelona?It's not Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.
Who was the first sportsman to earn more than 1 billion US dollars in total in his career?He was about 33 years old at that time...
Which swimmer's nickname was Thorpedo?From Down Under.
How many balls will you find on the pool table at the opening of an 8-ball game?Don't forget the cue ball.
Which event for extreme sports takes place both in summer and winter?eXtreme.
Evander Holyfield lost a part of his ear in a boxing fight against whom?The person we are looking for was disqualified for biting.
In the 2019 UEFA Champions League final, which team defeated Tottenham Hotspur in an all English match-up?The title went to Anfield.
One lap in a track and field event is how many meters long? A marathon would be more than 100 laps.
Name any of the two current NBA teams from Los Angeles.Both teams share the Staples Center as their home ground.
Which sport streaming network was founded in 2016 and gained a value of 3 billion British Pounds within only 2.5 years?Only four letters.
What is the annual final series of the MLB called?Think globally.
Which Italian sports newspaper is printed on pink paper?You may find the answer on
Name any of the 'big three' soccer clubs residing in Istanbul, Turkey.Black and White/Yellow and Blue/Yellow and Red.
Who holds the current world record in men's Marathon?He's from Kenya.
Which Formula 1 team is usually associated with Jean Todt?Really, really red.
What bigger sized version of ice hockey is popular in Russia and Scandinavia?They use a red ball instead of a puck.
Which former English international took over as coach of Chelsea FC in 2019?Before he joined Chelsea he managed Derby County.
Rear naked choke, Guillotine, and Gogoplata are considered as what type of moves in MMA?They are a way of finishing a fight.
Which wrestler won an Olympic gold medal in 1996 before he joined the WWF/WWE.As a child I thought he was heaven-sent.
What is the majorly Russian counterpart to the NHL?As the number of participating countries increases, it will cover a whole continent, one day. Maybe.
Which variety of Baseball is having its comeback at the 2020 Olympic Games?It is played only by women.
Which film featured the famous Jamaican bobsled team?It's really a cool film.
The 2019/20 edition of the Four Hills Tournament saw which Polish athlete win?Following Adam Malysz and Kamil Stoch.
What color has the jersey of the most succesful sprinter at the Tour de France?Obviously, it is not yellow.
What is the name of the Cuban high jumper that holds the world record since 1993?Did he ever apply as mayor?
Which publisher is responsible for the 'Pro Evolution Soccer' series?They also produce the Dance Dance Revolution series and the Metal Gear series.
Which Italian island lends its name to a very common chess opening?The capital is Palermo.
Both the men's and the women's world record in javelin throw are held by (former) athletes from Czechia. Name any of the two.While the man is retired, the woman is still active.
Who was the first Asian driver to ever win the prestigious Indy 500 race?He had a stint with the Formula 1, before.
Red Bull is one of the main sponsors of a wide varitey of sports. In which country is the producer of energy drinks based?Co-founder is Dietrich Mateschitz.
Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann is a retired 3-time Olympic champion and 19-time World Champion in which sport?She was voted Athlete of the Century in her sport.
Which year did Uruguay see the first ever World Cup to win?Almost 100 years ago.
The same year DuPont invented which material that is typically used for diving and swimming suits?The name was probably chosen because it was something NEW.
In which city is the 'Holmenkollen' located?If it had a æ, ø, or å included, it would be easier to answer.
Which car manufacturer built the winning car of both the 2018 and 2019 edition of the 24 hours of Le Mans.Both races were won by Fernando Alonso/Sébastian Buemi/Kazuki Nakajima.
Which Australian became 400m Olympic Champion in her own country? She had the honour to light the Olympic flame.It was considered to be a strong symbol that she as an indigenous lit the fire.
Which tyre manufacturer provides its tyres to Formula 1?I heard they also produced a popular calendar.
Which is the biggest country in the world that has not won any Olympic medal, yet?It is just a matter of time, though – with 170 million people.
Which Russian tennis player won the 1996 French Open and the 1999 Australian Open?He also became Olympic Gold medallist in 2000.
In which venue does the annual PDC World Darts Championship take place?The name of this London venue derives from a former Danish princess.
Which German referee holds the record for the most matches in the UEFA Champions League?He superseded Kim Milton Nielsen from Denmark.
Track cycling specialist Mohd Azizulhasni bin Awang, World Champion in Keirin in 2017 and Olympic Bronze medalist in 2016 in the same discipline, represents which nation?He was honoured as Officer of the Order of the Defender of the Realm by his country.
As the Russian Olympic Committee was banned from the 2018 Olympic Games after a doping scandal, athletes from Russia participated under which official label? No, they did not all participate in the rowing events.
Which French rally driver won the WRC nine times?He won all the titles in a Citroen.
The Summer Olympics 2000 saw swimmer Eric Moussambani, who was very slow but his courageous effort made him a true hero. What country did he represent?They called him 'The Eel'.
Which team won the most 'World Bowls' of the now dismissed NFL Europe?They played in the 'Waldstadion', later renamed to Commerzbank-Arena.
A 'toxophilite' would typicially visit which events at the Olympic Games?The origin of that term is from the 16th century. Think about what they had/did at that time.
Which US-American is the world record holder of the highest ever dive with more than 50 meters (172 ft)?WR was set in San Diego, CA, in 1983.

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