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Once upon a time, people in India drank Tonic Water, which contains quinine, to get protection against which infection?
Any Given Sunday is a film by Oliver Stone, released in 1999. Al Pacino plays an old sportsman in which sport?
Which Asian country is the second biggest coffee producer in the world (after Brazil)?
Tullamore, Glenlivet and Talisker are what kind of alcohol?
Which two digits are used for a restroom?
Which brothers invented Cornflakes in the 19th century?
Name the US series that ran for more than a decade with more than 300 episodes and featured actors like William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, George Clooney and Lucy Liu?
In 2016, Land Rover stopped the production of their best known model. What was its name?
Rupiah and Sen are the currencies in which Asian country?
How many millilitres are one Imperial Pint?
In how many periods is the work of William Shakespeares divided by literature experts?
Where will you find bearings, trucks and a deck?
What was installed in New Haven (Connecticut, USA) for the first time in January 1878, and could be found in almost every country. These days, many of these installations are gone.
Which building material was widely used before it was discovered that the fibers can cause lung cancer?
What last name do the man who discovered hydrogen and a 30 time stage winner of the Tour de France share?
Which company produces the firearms G36 and MP5?
Which programming language was invented by John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz at Dartmouth College, in 1964?
Which term from the field of physics describes the motion of objects in relation to forces effecting them?
Which US city is home to the sports teams Dynamo, Rockets, Texans, and Astros?
Which French actor, who was nominated for an Academy Award for for his performance in 'Cyrano de Bergerac' said in an interview that he drinks up to 14 bottles of wine a day?
How many Symphonies did Ludwig van Beethoven compose?
In which decade did the 'Long March' start in China?
For which product are the companies Western Digital, Seagate and Toshiba well known?
Pop star Madonna adopted five children from which African country?
Who was the last Russian emperor? (Name+Number)
What is the term of a virus particle outside of a cell?
What is a Chinese astronaut called?
Which company's claim is 'Impossible Is Nothing'?
Which Spanish painter created 'Las Meninas' in 1656?
Which movie leads the top 250 list of imdb.com?
What term is used for a long, but not allowed shot in ice hockey?
The first commercial book that could be completely read at a computer screen was 'Mona Lisa Overdrive'. Who wrote the novel?
Which bird spends up to 10 hours a day in October to collect acorns?
Tim Commerford, Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello und Brad Wilk are known as members of which band?
In which country did the 'Battle of the Bulge' in WWII take place?
Which century saw the birth of Karl Charlemagne?
Which political theorist and philosopher said 'Homo homini lupus' (A human is a human's wolf)?
The water brand 'Vittel' belongs to which company?
What does the abbreviation OECD stand for?
Who composed the opera 'The Bartered Bride'?
What is the name of the main character in Pokémon (full name)?
Who is the mightiest man of the World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE)?
What is the maximum score in a game of bowling?
Which phenomenon occasionally hits the West Coast of South America causing heavy rain and floods?
What is the name of Germany's only island not in the vicinity of the mainland? Until 1890 it was British, before it was traded in for Zanzibar.
Who 'invented' LSD?
What does the abbreviation 'CC' when writing a mail stand for?
Which of these Trivial Pursuit Editions does NOT exist: Disney, Star Wars, Power Rangers, Nintendo, World of Warcraft?
What is the English title of a quiz TV show that is running as 'Potjera', 'Jahti', 'Pogonja' or 'Takip' in other countries?
What is the name of the former spokesperson of the British parliament that became famous for his 'Order!', especially during Brexit debates.
Who wrote 'Foucault's Pendulum'?
Which car manufacturer produced the models 'Atos', 'Getz', and 'Pony'?
What year saw the opening of both the World Trade Center in New York and the first bridge to cross the Bosphorus in Istanbul?
Who was awarded the Academy Award as best actress for her performance in Fargo in 1997?
What breed is usually used in dog races?
Which South American country used 'Cybersyn' in the early 1970s - a computer system to control the central economy of the country in real time.
Which electric car, manufactured by Nissan, has had the highest selling numbers, so far?
What is the term for thin wooden slices used as a cover of core panels?
What is Alaska's biggest city? It is not the capital though.
What is the name of the first Space station of the USA? It was only active for a couple of years.
Who followed Akihito as Japanese emperor?
Duncan Laurence represented which country in ESC 2019? His title 'Arcade' won the competition.
Which Sci Fi classic from 1982 is set in the year 2019?
Who was the last Italian Pope? (Name+Number)
Which animated figure became #1 of the British charts back in 2000 with the title 'Can We Fix It?'?
What is the name of a series (and its main character) produced exclusively for Amazon Prime? It is based on novels by Tom Clancy.
What did Ruy Lopéz de Villalobos discover in 1543?
Who composed the opera 'Macbeth' twice? The first version went public in 1847, the second 18 years later.
Who was first premier of Israel? The biggest airport of the country has his name.
Which Swede is one of the most important explorers of all time? He discovered the Transhimalaya.
Which country with access to the sea has the biggest size (2.3 mio. sq. km) in comparison to the smallest coast (only 40 km)?
Where do you get a Turndown Service?
In which country do you find the Grasberg Mine, the biggest gold mine in the world?
Which Italian pioneer of disco music co-produced the Daft Punk album 'Random Access Memories'?
What is the opposite of Zenith?
Which two elements were named after continents?
The Alter Ego of which Marvel character is Natasha Romanova?
'S.O.S' (Save our Souls) was invented in which country in 1904?
What is the name of a series of Rave Events in the Netherlands, that took place in the 1990s. Also, more than 1.5 mio. CDs with that title were sold.
Which New Yorker photographer portrayed circus artists, trans people and people with handicaps in her black and white photographs? She died in 1971.
Which country was confronted with the Atocha massacre in 1977?
Which TV series of the 1960s featured a three dimensionional chess game?
Which German band released 'The Great Commandment' in 1987?
AFP is one of the biggest press agencies in the world? What does AFP stand for?
What name do an Italian producer of sportswear and a French politican share?
How do you call a mix of aluminium and iron oxide that burns extremely hot?
Although it is not clear if he actually wrote the work, he received the Nobel Prize of Literature for 'And Quiet Flows The Don'. What is the name of the author(?)?
Which album by Genesis, released in 1991, was their most succesful one?
In which year did the WHO finally remove homosexuality from their list of diseases?
Cars manufactured by Opel are sold in Great Britain under which label?
In which country will you find the airports with the IATA-abbreviations BEL, FOR and REC?
Which club did Wayne Rooney join when he was transfered to the United States?
Chet Atkins received 14 Grammys during his life. Which instrument did the American play?
Who composed the 'Water Music'?
What is the name of a group of twelve chemicals that are forbidden since 2001?
Gramophone records were made from which material?
What are the electronic systems on aircrafts called?
The main character of the series of 'Atypicial' has which special condition?
Lake Macquarie is the largest salt water lake of which country? It is also known as Awaba.
What is the most populous city of Taiwan?

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