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Can you name the prog rock album by the closing lyrics?

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Last LyricsAlbumArtist
Come on you miner for truth and delusion, and shine!Pink Floyd
'Cos it's only knock and know-all, but I like it.Genesis
I feel lost in the city.Yes
Oh my Lady Fantasy, I love you.Camel
By even yards, march forward.King Crimson
Nothing but the plain truth.Gentle Giant
You are I or I am you, bye bye.Gong
But love and laughter, song and dance.Hawkwind
May I buy you again tomorrow.Jethro Tull
Last LyricsAlbumArtist
But now it's me that can't fly.Anthony Phillips
It's a measure of a life.Rush
Shiny kites and red balloons, your nowhere wonderland.Premiata Forneria Marconi
Every dog will have his day.Procol Harum
C'est fou quand on aime, la mort n'a jamais existé.Harmonium
To take our brothers home again.Pendragon
The song about the moon and the big bamboo.Kevin Ayers
We're a spark from the tinderbox.Arena
The King is come again!Glass Hammer
Schlaft.Peter Hammill

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