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QUIZ: Can you name the Planets in Ratchet And Clank 1-3?

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PlanetsExtra Info
 Kyzil Plateau
 Tobruk Crater
 Outposts X11 and X12
 Logging Site
 Blackwater City
 Qwark's HQ
 Fort Krontos
 Blarg Depot
 Kogor Refinery
 Jowai Resort
 Bomb Factory
 Gorda City Ruins
 Robot Factory
 Gadgetron Site
 Megacorp Outlet
 Vukovar Canyon
 Canal City
 Frozen Base
 Mining Area
PlanetsExtra Info
 Testing Facility
 Megacorp Games
 Megacorp Armory
 Silver City
 Flying Lab
 Thugs 4 Less Fleet
 Thug HQ
 Distribution Facility
 Allgon City
 Tundor Wastes
 Protopet Factory
 Nabla Forest
 Capital City
 Deep Sea Hideout
 Korgon Base/Kavu Island
 Research Facility
 Crash Site
 Ion Cannon
 Launch Site/Command Centre

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