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Can you name the trainers on the Generation II Games with the following Pokémon?

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PokémonTrainer NameLocation, Hint
Flaaffy Level 18, Psyduck Level 18Route 38, Gives you Thunderstone via Phone
Swinub Level 26 (x2)Mahogany Town Gym
Primeape Level 27, Poliwrath Level 30Cianwood Town Gym
Onix Level 29Route 45, can be added to Pokégear
Metapod Level 14, Kakuna level 14, Scyther Level 16Azalea Town Gym
Voltorbs Level 2, 6, 10 and 14Route 35, can be added to Pokégear
Bellsprout Level 7, Hoothoot Level 7Sprout Tower
Nidoran Female Level 8Route 32, On the Phone a Lot
Caterpie Level 3 (x2)Route 30
Goldeen Level 10Route 32, Phones you about Qwilfish
Geodude Level 11, Machop Level 11Route 33, Phones you about Dunsparce
Rattata Level 2Route 30, can be added to Pokégear
Pidgey Level 7, Pidgeotto Level 9Violet City Gym
Dragonair Level 37 (x3), Kingdra Level 40Blackthorn City Gym
Seel Level 27, Dewgong Level 29, Piloswine Level 31Mahogany Town Gym
Clefairy Level 16, Jigglypuff Level 16Route 37 (Either of them)
Spearow Level 9Violet City Gym, 1st to battle there
Ledyba Level 10, Spinarak Level 10Azalea Town Gym, 1st to battle there (Either of them)
PokémonTrainer NameLocation, Hint
Gastly Level 16 (x5)Ecruteak City Gym, 1st to battle there
Goldeen Level 23 (x2), Seaking Level 25Route 44, Gives you Ultra Ball via Phone
Tangela Level 16Route 36, Gives you Fire Stone via Phone
Magnemite Level 30 (x2), Steelix Level 35Olivine City Gym
Caterpie Level 2 (x3), Weedle Level 3Route 31, can be added to Pokégear
Starmie Level 31 (x2), Nidoqueen Level 33Route 27, can be added to Pokégear
Rapidash Level 36Route 26, can be added to Pokegear
Houndour Level 33, Koffing Level 33, Houndoom Level 35Radio Tower
Umbreon Level 17Ecruteak City, one of the memorable Kimono Girls, but which one?
Oddish Level 12, Cubone Level 15National Park
Slowpoke Level 11Union Cave
Sentrets Level 9, 13 and 17Goldenrod City Gym
Hoppip Level 9 (x2), Bulbasaur Level 12Route 34, Gives you Leaf Stone via Phone
Ponyta Level 16 (x2)Route 46, can be added to Pokégear
Gastly Level 21, Haunters Level 21 and 23, Gengar Level 25Ecruteak City Gym
Poliwag Level 18, Poliwhirl Level 18Lighthouse, can be added to Pokégear
Pidgeotto Level 25 (x2)Route 44, can be added to Pokégear
Clefairy Level 18, Miltank Level 20Goldenrod City Gym

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