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Can you name the Digimon who are befriended by the player in Digimon World?

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Location FoundDigimonJob in File City
File CityElder
File CityTiredness Healer
File CityTells Info
File CityTells Rumours
File CityMeat Supplier
File CityNone
File CityPatrols City
File CityExplains Digivolution
Green GymExplains Gym
Native ForestItem Keeper
Native ForestGiant Meat Supplier
Kunemon's BedRoute to Digimon Bridge
Coela PointItem Shop/None
Mangrove SwampFountain
Amida ForestClinic
Ancient Dino RegionRestaurant
Lava CaveRestaurant
Mt. PanoramaItem Shop
Gear SavannaItem Shop
Gear SavannaItem Shop
Prosperity Rating 15Arena
OverdellPatrols City
Tropical JungleItem Shop
Beetle LandUpgrades Gym
Beetle LandUpgrades Gym
Prosperity Rating 50Sells Bananas
Gt. Canyon/Ogre Fort/Beach Cave/Drill TunnelPatrols City
Great CanyonBulletin Board
Secret Beach CaveFerry
Location FoundDigimonJob in File City
Gear SavannaNone
Great Canyon TopWarp Shop
Tropical Jungle - 15th of MonthSirlion Supplier
Toy TownUpgrades Gym
Misty TreesStatue
Prosperity Rating 40Gives Info
Factorial Town SewersItem Shop
Factorial TownNone
Factorial TownRequest Machine
FreezelandCurling Ring
Ice SanctuaryElder's Advisor
Misty TreesDigs for Treasure
Drill TunnelDigs for Treasure
Mt InfinityItem Shop
Spore AreaRestaurant
Mt InfinityArena
Great CanyonItem Shop
Prosperity Rating 50Fortune Teller
FreezelandItem Shop
Grey Lord MansionArena
Factorial TownCurling
Mt. Panorama PlainsItem Shop
Various LocationsUpgrades Item Capacity
Mt InfinityNone
Mt InfinityRestaurant
Gear SavannaLighting
Trash MountainNone

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