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DescriptionType of musicExamples
1) Genre originating in the 1940s–50s combining R&B, blues, and boogie-woogie elements; also a synonym for rock music in generalElvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry
2) Genre associated with surfer culture that can be instrumental or vocal; prominently features 'wet' reverbThe Beach Boys, Dick Dale and His Del-Tones, The Ventures
3) Rock movement in the 1960s' United States where many artists of British origin became extremely popularThe Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who
4) Upbeat genre featuring catchy style and light lyricsElton John, Rod Stewart, Peter Frampton
5) Subgenre of 4. with a high emphasis on outrageous, flamboyant, and sometimes androgynous imagery T. Rex, Sweet, Gary Glitter
6) Hybrid genre featuring 12-bar blues and improvised jamsJohn Mayall, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan
7) Hybrid genre combining musical folklore and rock musicBob Dylan, The Byrds, Arlo Guthrie
8) Genre attempting to recreate the experience of mind-altering drugs using surreal lyrics, exotic instrumentation, and elaborate studio effects Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly
9) Hybrid genre originating in the Southern United States combining country instrumentation and themes with rock musicThe Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws
10) Avant-garde genre featuring unconventional song structure, conceptual lyrics, and lengthy instrumentationKing Crimson, Pink Floyd, Yes
11) Genre featuring quieter, toned-down rock techniques with a focus on themes of relationships and everyday lifeJames Taylor, Cat Stevens, Seals and Crofts
12) As opposed to 11., this genre is loud and aggressive, with driving rhythms and distorted guitarsAC/DC, Kiss, Led Zeppelin
13) Genre similar to 12., but with more intensity, a thick, distorted sound, and technically complex guitar solosBlack Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden
14) Genre combining rock music with Christian lyrical themesLarry Norman, Stryper, P.O.D.
DescriptionType of musicExamples
15) Genre featuring fast, stripped-down musical structure, confrontational lyrics, and 'lo-fi' instrumentationRamones, The Clash, Sex Pistols
16) Subgenre of 15. that involves more lyrical complexity, polished production, and heavy use of synthesizers Blondie, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello
17) Subgenre of 15. that involves more experimentation and complex musicianshipU2, Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees
18) Hybrid subgenre of 15. that involves upbeat melodies and a more 'radio-friendly' soundGreen Day, The Offspring, Blink-182
19) Genre with a straightforward musical style and themes of blue-collar American life and the importance of rock music in societyBruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Bob Seger
20) Broad genre with no unified style; generally used as a catch-all term for artists that don't fit into 'mainstream' genres R.E.M., Pixies, The Cure
21) Subgenre of 20. that originated in the early 1990s' United Kingdom; it featured a guitar-pop sound, and was a part of the Cool Britannia movementOasis, Blur, Supergrass
22) Subgenre of 20. originating in mid-1980s' Washington, U.S.; features distorted guitars, loud-and-soft song dynamics, and angsty lyricsNirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden
23) Subgenre of 20. that uses the style of 21., but with a more 'radio-friendly' soundFoo Fighters, Creed, Nickelback
24) Hybrid subgenre of 20. that combines harsh, aggressive electronic music with rock musicThrobbing Gristle, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry
25) Hybrid genre that combines elements of hip hop with rock musicKid Rock, Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine
26) Genre with an emphasis on melody and deeply emotional lyricsSunny Day Real Estate, Embrace, Rites of Spring
27) Hybrid genre that combines elements of jazz fusion and rock music Steely Dan, Chicago, Van Morrison
28) Type of rock song with soulful, emotional lyrics, using a slow tempo that builds up to a loud and emotive chorus'Dream On', 'Stairway to Heaven', 'Still Loving You'

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