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Well, you _________
why I always _________
in __________
Why you never see _______
colors on my ______
And why does my _________
seem to have a _________ tone
Well, there's a ________ for the things that I have on.
I wear the _______
for the ________
and _________ down.
Livin' in the __________
_______ side of town.
I wear it for the __________
who is long ______
for his _______
He's there because he's a ________
of the ________
I wear the black for those that never ______
Or _______
to the words that ______ said
About the road to ________
through _______________
Why, you'd think he's talking ________
to you and ____
Well, we're doin' ________ fine I do suppose
With our ________________
LyricsMissing Lyrics
cars and ________
But just so we're ____________
of the ones wha are _________ back
Up front there ought to be a __________
I wear it for the ______
and ________ old
For the __________ ones
whose bad trip left them ________
I wear the black in _________
for the lives that _________ been
each week we lose a _________ fine young men
And I wear it for the ___________
who have ____________
believing that the _________ was on their side
I wear it for another _________________
who have died, believin' that we _____ were on their side
Well, there's thing that _______ will be right I know
And things need _________ everywher you go
But 'til we ________
to make a _________
to make a _____________ right
You'll never see me wear a _________
Ah, I'd love to wear a _______ everyday
And tell the world that ___________ okay
But I'll try to carry off a little _________ on my back
'til things are _________
I'm the ___________

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