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Can you name the words containing '-VER-'?

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Hint-VER- WordAa
A difficult or unpleasant situation.A
Courageous behaviour.B
Secretly, without acknowledgement.C
Pastime or distraction.D
Perpetual or enduring.E
$5 note, colloquially.F
Authoritative body of country or state.G
Amphibious vehicle propelled by a fan.H
Opposite or contrary.I
Villainy or deviltry (archaic).K
Sausage made from lobed, glandular organs.L
Hint-VER- WordAa
As a further matter; besides.M
'Quoth the raven: ________'. -E. A. PoeN
Succeed in dealing with difficulty.O
Gregarious wading bird of grasslands.P
Archer's portable case for holding arrows.Q
Feel deep respect or admiration for.R
Small, wingless insect found under houses.S
An inn or public house.T
General, ubiquitous and all-inclusive.U
Substantiate or confirm.V
Exclamation indicating indifference.W

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