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Noble gas, element 54.
Archaic term for girl or prostitute.
Planet; Roman Goddess of love.
Place where an event is held.
Openings allowing air circulation.
Poisonous substance secreted by animals.
To do with veins.
Temporary canvas dwellings.
Following ninth.
Past, present or future.
Male singing voice.
Principle or belief.
Cares for or looks after.
A faculty via which the body perceives stimuli.
Mails or posts.
Pays someone for the use of something.
Resume after interruption.
Multiple pennies.
To do with the punishment system.
Restaurant's lists of meals.
Society of people with high IQs.
Gives money to temporarily.
Samurai sword training.
A female donkey.
Reddish brown dye used for body art.
As a consequence; ergo.
Taxonomical group.
Art or musical category.
Trapped spirit granting three wishes.
Units of heredity given by parents.
Barrier, railing or enclosing divider.
Slight depression in hard surface.
Thick; having a lot of mass.
Jeans material.
Hundredths of a dollar.
Flexible or elastic.
Outdoor furniture often found in parks.

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