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QUIZ: Can you guess the words which become new words with the addition of a K?

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Average golf score.Stop a car.
Bird call.Chef.
Number for credit card.Colour.
'Whats up _ _ _...?'Port.
Misbehave in the eyes of God.What the Titanic did.
The sun for instance.Ironman: Tony _ _ _ _ _.
Public transport.Play music on the street.
Muscle spasm.Mark of approval.
Plectrum for a guitar.Choose.
Toilet.Peer at, gaze.
Secret agents.Sharp objects.
Impair quality.Gospel, assess work.
Exclamation of surprise.Enthusiast.
Small, urinate.MTWTFSS.
Baked pastry.Fish.
Falsehood.Give thumbs up.
What you do on a chair.Comedy sketch.
You scratch it.Retro.
Fight in training.Fiery particle.
Australian slang for famed marsupial.Castle in chess.
Football team: _. _. Roma.inquire about.
Part of the mind.Child.
Place of extracting ores.Type of whale.
Cyst or hernia.Santa's present vessel.
Sorrow.Regain consciousness.
Skill at doing a specific thing.Motor racing vehicle.
Never, negative.Tie rope.
Hair bug.Tie wool.
Use eyes.Search for.

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