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65 four letter words ending in O. Find them.

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CLUE_ _ _ O
Type of chocolate bar; precedes 'plane'.
Puffy hairstyle.
Colloquially agitated or aggressive.
In addition, as well.
Highest male singing voice.
Colloquial term for paramedic.
Fired from a gun.
Played by a stringed instrument.
A large constellation.
Australian slang for afternoon.
Ballpoint pen.
Stupid or insignificant person.
Slang for camouflage gear or patterning.
Guitar clamp.
Large fish of the mackerel family.
Italian greeting.
Large tropical nut.
Decorative art style of the 20-30s, ART _ _ _ _.
Sample of music.
Extinct flightless bird.
Room or hall where martial arts is practised.
Recurring voice, sound bouncing off an object.
CLUE_ _ _ O
EU currency.
Large congregation of displays.
Golden ring that hovers over the heads of angels.
Saviour or protagonist.
Homeless person or tramp.
Expressing movement inwards.
Unarmed combat sport.
A game of chance similar to bingo.
Slang for 1000g.
Danish construction toy.
Stretched luxury car.
Floor covering.
A symbol representative of a brand.
Board-game of throwing dice.
Small type of shark.
Slang term for white condiment.
Cat noise.
Aussie chocolate powder put in milk.
Influence, especially magic power.
CLUE_ _ _ O
Trick where one balances on one wheel.
One who is in with the musical crowd.
Moving aboard.
Circular biscuit with cream inside.
Greek aniseed-flavoured spirit.
Coin in Latin American countries.
Bouncy stick.
A shirt or horse-mounted sport.
Attempt again.
Tall tower or pit for farm storage.
Japanese style of wrestling.
Mexican dish of meat in a folded tortilla.
Group of three.
Grammatical error (especially on a computer).
Archaic term for 'to' or 'until'.
Reject a decision or proposal.
Sound of celebration.
Toy on string that bounces up an down.
Worthless digit.

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