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CLUE_ _ _ H
Inner side of the foot.
City in England; tub.
All of two.
Ground plant.
'Incredibles' child; hurry.
Archaic does.
Every one of two or more.
Carve; ....-a-sketch.
Catch marine life with rods and/or nets.
Archaic has.
Can precede 'way', 'tea', 'wire' and 'brow'.
Imperial unit.
Uncomfortable sensation of the skin.
Boy's name; tease.
Beat with a whip.
Reduce to a pulp.
CLUE_ _ _ H
Material of a network of wire or thread.
Widely held false belief.
Archaic near.
Solemn promise.
Cry of pain.
Christopher Robin's Teddy; cry of annoyance.
Of the elite; pompous.
Move forth a door.
Outbreak of redness on skin.
Fabric worn over one's shoulder.
Of the type about to be mentioned.
Short for technology.
Bathe or clean.
Exclamation of affirmation.

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