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LibertyCapital planet of Liberty, New York System
LibertyDesert planet, Second planet of New York
LibertyOceanic planet, main planet of the California system
LibertyArctic planet being terraformed by Planetform Inc. California system.
LibertyCalifornia system volcanic planet, frequently has pirates in the area.
LibertyDesert planet, capital of the Texas system
LibertySmall blue gas planet in the Texas system. Orbited by LPI Sugarland prison.
LibertyBarren planet in the Texas system. Hostile surface.
LibertyTerrestrial planet, capital of the Colorado system.
LibertyDescribed as a dwarf planet in some areas, moon in others but doesn't seem to orbit any particular planet. Volcanic, Colorado system.
LibertyBarren large planet in the Colorado system. Rio Grande battleship orbits it.
BretoniaLarge terrestrial planet in New London system, capital of Bretonia
BretoniaGreen gas giant in the New London system. Orbited by Kensington Shipping Platform and Canterbury Station.
BretoniaBeautiful terrestrial planet famous for a research institute that orbits it.
BretoniaLarge blue gas giant made up of ice crystals in the Cambridge system. Orbited by Cardiff Mining Facility.
BretoniaFrozen planet in the Manchester system. Birmingham Station orbits it.
BretoniaIcy, airless planet in the Manchester system. Inhospitable.
BretoniaManufacturing planet in the Leeds system. Due to heavy industry surface shrouded in smog.
BretoniaIce planet in Leeds system. Orbited by Battleship York and Glasgow Outpost at a distance.
BretoniaTropical paradise planet in the Edinburgh system.
BretoniaEdinburgh system. Icy planet and airless but has numerous resources on surface making it a target for terraforming by Planetform.
KusariCapital of Kusari. Is filled with island groups with no major continents. New Tokyo system.
KusariVery large cyan gas planet in the New Tokyo system. Shinagawa Station orbits.
KusariLarge gas giant with a ring system. Orbited by the Yokohama shipyards.
KusariLarge agricultural planet which is the capital of the Kyushu system.
KusariMassive purple gas giant with a ring system in the Kyushu star system.
KusariOceanic planet, capital of the Honshu system. Fishing is the primary industry.
KusariBarren planet in the Honshu system within a blue nebula.
RheinlandCapital of Rheinland. Very cold planet but with abundant natural resources.
RheinlandTerrestrial cold planet in the Hamburg System.
HintAnswerExtra Info
RheinlandFrozen planet in the Hamburg system. Battleship Westfalen stationed nearby.
RheinlandBlue gas giant made up of frozen methane in the Hamburg system.
RheinlandTerrestrial oceanic planet in the Frankfurt system. Has valuable mineral salts.
RheinlandLarge blue gas giant with deuterium and tritium being harvestable resources in its atmosphere. Mannheim Station is in orbit. Frankfurt system.
RheinlandDwarf planet. Possibly once a moon of Munich but no longer. Frankfurt system
RheinlandVery fertile terrestrial planet. Used extensively for farming.
RheinlandIdyllic world of large oceans, black sand beaches and hot springs. Used as a holiday resort mostly. Stuttgart system.
RheinlandA dense planet covered in sheets of ice several kilometres thick. Located in the Stuttgart system.
Independent WorldsHoliday resort paradise planet operated by Orbital Spa and Cruise. Located in the Cortez system.
Independent WorldsHudson system. Frozen planet.
Border WorldsWater planet located in a nebula in the Sigma 17 system. Contains microorganisms useful for fishing. Samura base.
Border WorldsMedium sized planet with swirling methane clouds located in a dark green nebula in Sigma 19. One of twin planets.
Border WorldsMedium sized planet with swirling methane clouds located in a dark green nebula in Sigma 19. One of twin planets.
Border WorldsBlue gas giant in the Sigma 19 system. Orbited the Luxury Liner Hawaii.
Border WorldsUsed to be a barren world in the Tau-31 system but undergoing terraforming.
Border WorldsDesert planet used as a research base. Plays a role in the Nomad War when Trent and Junko Zane visit Kendra Sinclair here.
Border WorldsA dying planet in the Omega 11 system. Serves as shield against radiation for the Solarius Station.
Border WorldsDesert planet rendered uninhabitable by choking, acrid dust that covers the surface. In the Omega 11 system.
Edge WorldsHomeworld of the Outcasts in the Omicron Alpha system. Arrived here after the wreck of the Hispania sleeper ship.
Edge WorldsPurple gas giant. Frozen methane atmosphere. Omicron Alpha system.
Edge WorldsTerrestrial planet but every animal on the surface has poison in its veins. The poison is also in the atmosphere and is fatal to humans. Omicron Alpha system.
Edge WorldsDense barren planet in the small Omicron Beta system.
Edge WorldsHomeworld of the Corsairs, another of the Hispania races. Located in the Omicron Gamma system.
Edge WorldsArid barren world in the Omicron Gamma system.
Edge WorldsDesert world in the Omicron Theta system. Sandstorms are prevalent on the surface.
Edge WorldsPlanet filled with dead oceans due to non-reactive noble gases. Deep in one the green nebulae in the Omicron Theta system.
Edge WorldsEaster egg world in the Unknown 2 system. Inhabited by robots.
Edge WorldsEaster egg world in the Unknown 2 system. Inhabited by monkeys.
Edge WorldsHome of The Order located in the Omicron Minor system.
Edge WorldsLocated in Omicron Major. Has no name. Located just outside the Dyson Sphere.

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