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Year JoinedX-Men MemberHint
1963Oldest son of a space pirate
1963Not exactly a cherub...
1963Blue scientist
1963Stays frosty
1966Copy cat
1968First X-Man to die
1969Brother of Cyclops
1969Daughter of Magneto
1975Former circus performer
1975Born in the 1880s
1975Claustrophobic former Queen of Wakanda
1975Throws 'Fastball Specials'
1975Second X-Man to die
1983Purple Dragon
1983Adopted daughter of Mystique
1984Alternate future daughter of Cyclops
1985Master of Magnetism
1987Sister of Captain Britain
1987Disco star
1987From the Mojoverse
1990Creates 'fireworks'
1992Sports an 'M' on his eye
1995Oldest of eight children
1997Owned Eeany and Meany
1997Boney Morlock
1997Medical doctor; creates force shields
2000Son of Cyclops
2000Former member of the Valkyrior
2000Xavier's spy
2001Has a hole in his chest
2001/04Has a star in his head
2002Snake skin
2002Half Shi'ar; golden skin
2002Half Shi'ar; teleportation
2002Canadian speedster
2003Sister of Cannonball
2003Step brother of Xavier
2006Only member of Xavier's Secret Team to remain an X-Man
2006Brother of the second X-Man to die
2006Nightcrawler's mother
2006Jason Wyngarde's daughter
2006Wolverine's longtime nemesis
2007Feline space pirate
2007Mutant tracker
2008Wields a 'soul knife'
2008What goes around, comes around...
2008Has been a member of New Mutants, X-Force, Hellfire Club, and Avengers
2008Sister of Northstar
2009King of Atlantis
2009'Shadowy' partner of below
2009'Light' partner of above
2009Geokinetic powers
2009Has been a member of X-Club and X-Force
2009Has been a member of X-Club and Alpha Flight
2009Sister of Colossus
2009Good luck!
2009Creates balls of psionic energy that explode with concussive force
2009Teleportation and psychic persuasion
2009Formerly the X-Men's Danger Room
2010A mutant member of the alien Technarchy
2010Product of the Weapon Plus Program
2010The external nervous system of above
2010Wolverine's clone
2010The first mutant born after the events of M-Day
2011A super strong former member of Magneto's Acolytes
2011Son of Professor X
2011Age of Apocalypse version of Cable
2012Shi'ar warrior and former bodyguard of Kid Gladiator
2012Can focus teleportation powers through pink crystals
2013One of Spider-Man's Amazing Friends
2013Formerly known as Penance
2016Wolverine from another dimension

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