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Is there a high-concept explanation for why characteristic 2 is special?
All that is left now is the case where ρ is irreducible. I'm sure there is a better way [...] but I have to get the kids up for school. Suddenly I am under time pressure.
'heuristic' does not mean 'not precise'! I know it's often used that way but that's not what it means.
Serge Lang's Algebra was my first serious encounter with mathematics, the event was a very singular defining moment in my life. Back then, I was firmly intent on becoming a poet...
I have a pretty good understanding of stacks, sheaves, descent, Grothendieck topologies, and I have a decent understanding of commutative algebra [...]
I'm here to nerdify the world. More accurately, I'm here to talk about representation theory in complex rank.
Like many people (but not all people), I have trouble thinking in terms of formulas such as that for the Schwarzian. For me, a geometric image works much better.
In this case the printed name Erdös is an approximation of the correct typography and you should use the correct version Erdős if possible.
You want G conn'd reductive. Let R be henselian (e.g., complete) dvr with frac. field K, and G and G′ smooth affine R-groups with conn'd reductive fibers. [...]
[...] every flavor of cohomology ever considered is nothing but the study of connected components in the hom-spaces of some (oo,1)-topos.
The actual person at that 'poor vendor' was me. I must have spent 3 days on this problem before I figured out that Jon had tricked me.
Thanks, that paper is really useful and seems to answer all of my questions -- I will study it carefully.
I can't believe this. Harry,what about this was disrespectful?!? I was giving my opinion! I don't understand people in here sometimes,seriously!
Taking the point of view that the binary domain B={0,1} is more general than the real domain R, and cranking (if you'll excuse the expression) all the analogies in sight, [...]
When I wrote my thesis I used what seemed to me to be the obvious topology without going into the history of the matter.
[...] divide mathematicians into two classes: those who could happily pursue their research without knowing what cohomology is, and those for whom that would be [...] unthinkable.
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