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Can you name the equipment used in Link's many adventures?

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Forced Order
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Awkward HintItem of EquipmentGame(s)
It always comes back...Multiple, if not, all
Now I need some seeds...'Oracle' games and Twilight Princess
Shaft and tip launcherMultiple, if not, all
Ah, the nostalgic tones...Link's Awakening and Ocarina of Time
A little too much 'weapon' for meOcarina of Time and 'Oracle' games
I feel a LOT stronger now!'Oracle' games and Link's Awakening
How many times have I used this sword?All
WheeeeeEEEEEEeeeeee!Twilight Princess
It's heavy until it starts swingingTwilight Princess
The living explosiveOcarina of Time, 'Oracle' games, Twilight Princess
Basically like a firecrackerTwilight Princess
Combo explosive and shaftAll
I can see clearly now!Ocarina of Time
How far away is that pole...?Twilight Princess
I'd better call my friend's with this _____ .'Oracle' games
Goron's favorite'Oracle' games, Ocarina of Time
I control the seasons!'Oracle' games
I control time!'Oracle' games
I control the game!'Oracle' games (not a real item, but still)
A thief's best friendMultiple games
Awkward HintItem of EquipmentGame(s)
I believe I can fly, or at least jump very far...All Game Boy/Color games
Where's my horse?!Twilight Princess
Floating along with shrubberyWind Waker
Are you SURE this isn't a knife?Ocarina of Time
UGH! So...heavy, but...must..kill...dragonOcarina of Time
Since when does a new COLOR have anything to do with protection?Ocarina of Time
So preeeeeeety...Majora's Mask
I can see my face, and that arrow coming towards me!Multiple, if not, all
Evil mask that inspired creepypastaMajora's Mask
I'm older without being olderMajora's Mask
I'm so small and I shoot bubbles (no i'm not Squirtle)Majora's Mask
Rollin', rollin', rollin'Majora's Mask
I can breathe underwater and swim very fastMajora's Mask
This carries stuff for my Shooter and Slingshot'Oracle' games
This shoots stuff from my Satchel'Oracle' games
I'm a pretty girl, or at least I feel like one in the water...All Game Boy/Color games
I shoot fire from my tipLink's Awakening
Dollars? Where I'm going, I won't NEED dollars!All
I want to live (longer) !All

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