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Mage's wife
Earthen delegate
Xenophobic commander
Queen's chief councilor
Priestess from Hajiri
Queen's commander
Queen's handmaiden
Queen of dragons
Blue aspect
Teenage archer
Boar ancient
Demonic beastmaster
Sorcerer and betrayer
Moon Guard elder
First consort of the Dragonqueen
Bronze aspect
Priestess from Suramar
Second satyr
Craftsman of the black aspect
Valiant Resistance commander
Demigod of the forest
Druidic disciple
High priestess of Elune
Fallen titan
Master of Black Rook Hold
Furbolg delegate
Bear ancient
Annihilan warlord
Green aspect
Queen of the Kaldorei
Black aspect
The White Stag
Dragon mage
Time-travelling mage
Bird ancient
Time-travelling orc
Tauren delegate
Bear ancient
Eredar mastermind
Highborne of the Elite Circle

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