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Can you name the correct answers to the questions below about various South American countries?

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1. What South American city is the largest city in the southern hemisphere: Buenos Aires, Lima, Rio de Janeiro, or São Paulo?
2. Which country contains the mountain that is the ultimate source of the Amazon River: Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, or Bolivia?
3. What is the largest city of Ecuador: Cuenca, Quito, Guayaquil, or Santo Domingo?
4. What country includes Aymara as an official language: Suriname, Bolivia, Argentina, or Guyana?
5. What city will host the 2016 Summer Olympics: Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, or Bogotá?
6. What country has Montevideo as its capital: Uruguay, Suriname, Venezuela, or Paraguay?
7. Which of the following countries has the smallest population: Suriname, Guyana, Ecuador, or Uruguay?
8. What is the currency of Paraguay: the peso, the sol, the guarani, or the balboa?
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9. What is the official language of Suriname: Dutch, Spanish, English, or Urdu?
10. Mapudungun is an unofficial language in what country: Guyana, Colombia, Chile, or Argentina?
11. The Galápagos Islands are part of what country: Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, or Chile?
12. Which of the following countries emerged from the 1830 collapse of Gran Colombia: Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, or Peru?
13. Which is closest to the July 2011 estimate of the population of Colombia: 23,000,000; 29,000,000; 39,000,000; or 45,000,000?
14. What is the capital of Guyana: Cayenne, Paramaribo, Caracas, or Georgetown?
15. In what direction is French Guiana relative to Brasília, Brazil: north, NNE (north-northeast), NW (northwest), or NNW (north-northwest)?

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