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Can you name the places in Europe starting with 'T'?

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Which Italian city hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics?
Which river is the longest on the Iberian Peninsula?
Which Romanian region is rumored to be the home of Dracula?
What is Finland's oldest city and first capital?
Which mountain is featured on Slovenia's flag and coat of arms?
Which southern French city is known for its aerospace industry and its pink architecture?
Which sea, named for an ancient people, separates Italy and Sardinia?
Which city in the Spanish region of Castile-La Mancha is known for its sword making?
What is the capital of Albania?
Which German state is known for the eponymous forest in which Martin Luther spent his exile?
Which river begins in Ukraine and passes through four other countries before joining the Danube?
What is Greece's second most populous city?
Which country's largest city is divided in two by the Bosphorus strait?
Which Swiss canton contains most of the country's Italian speakers?
What is the capital and largest city in the Faroe Islands?

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