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Can you name the places in Europe starting with 'S'?

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Which French city is the seat of the European Parliament?
What is the highest mountain in Wales?
Which river surrounds Berlin's Museum Island?
What country is governed by a seven-member Federal Council?
Which capital city was the site of the Archduke Ferdinand's assassination?
Dogana is the largest town but not the capital city of which country?
Which German state forms the country's border with Denmark?
What is the longest river in the United Kingdom?
In which Irish county did Nobel laureate William Butler Yeats spend his childhood?
The Bronze Horseman, the Winter Palace and Saint Isaac's Cathedral can be found in which city?
Which lake lies on the border of Albania and Montenegro?
Located on the Peloponnese, which Greek city was formerly known for its warriors?
Which island was an Islamic emirate from the 9th to 11th centuries?
Which Austrian state shares its sole international border with Slovenia?
What is the largest city in Croatia's Dalmatia region?

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