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QUIZ: Can you name the Can you name all the Borderlands 2 bosses? The bosses are in alphabetical

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Location of BossBoss NamesSpecies of Boss
Three Horns ValleyBandit
The DustSpiderant
Caustic CavernsCrystallisk
Thousand CutsLoader
Three Horns DivideBandit
Arid Nexus - BadlandsLoader
Southern ShelfBandits
Southern ShelfBandit
Arid Nexus - BoneyardHyperion
Three Horns ValleyBandit
Eridium BlightBullymong
The DustHyperion
Hayters FollyBullymong
The HighlandsStalker
Washbourne RefineryHyperion
Frostburn CanyonBandit
Eridium BlightBullymong
Windshear WasteBullymong
The FridgeBandit
Leviathan's LairSand Worm
Bloodshot StrongholdBandit
Location of BossBoss NamesSpecies of Boss
Tundra ExpressVarkid
Hayter's FollyPirate
The DustBandit
Southern Shelf BayBullymong/Bandit
The DustBandit
Highlands OutwashThresher
Wildlife Exploitation perserveStalker
The beatdownBandit
The FridgeBandit
Leviathan's LairUnknown
Arid Nexus - BadlandsHyperion
Frostburn CanyonSpiderant
The FridgeBandit
Wildlife Exploitation PreserveRakk
Frostburn CanyonBandit
Thousand CutsThresher
Southpaw Steam and PowerBandits
Vault of the WarriorEridian Warrior
Wildlife Exploitation PerserveSkag
Caustic Caverns/Tundra ExpressVarkid
Bloodshot RampartsHyperion
End Of The LineHyperion
Vault of the WarriorHyperion

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