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BioTV ShowCharacter
My best friend is Shawn and I'm in love with a girl named Topanga.
I talk to my cat and I have a portal to another world in my linen cupboard.
I have a family of 5, my own TV show and I love old cars.
I'm illegally living in my grandmother's apartment and I'm a chef.
I obsess over finding my sister's kidnappers.
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared.
I have an annoying laugh and I make my living watching rich kids.
I work for my dad who owns Blush magazine.
I've stopped being polite and started being real
I work for The Gate magazine with my ex brother-in-law.
BioTV ShowCharacter
I wear suspenders and snort when I laugh. I'm always inquiring whether I was responsible.
I climb into my best friend's window, but I'll end up with his friend instead.
I climb into my best friend's window, but only to admire her hubcap collection.
I work in a bookstore and I'm not gay. Yet.
I'm not fond of my family and I talk to a stuffed bunny in my basement.
I worked in a bar until I became a nurse and my brother used to never talk.
I'm a free spirit and my husband's a lawyer.
I work in an airport with my brother.
I'm 15 years old and I think Jordan Catalano is dreamy.
I was seperated at birth from my twin, but now we live together.

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