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Forced Order
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start of lyricsend of lyricsPlace in Song
And the meek shall...Overture
We've taken careTemples of Syrinx
from the wordsTemples of Syrinx
to the songs Temples of Syrinx
to the pictures that Temples of Syrinx
It's oneTemples of Syrinx
and all Temples of Syrinx
We work togetherTemples of Syrinx
Never need to Temples of Syrinx
We are the Temples of Syrinx
Our great computersTemples of Syrinx
We are the priestsTemples of Syrinx
all the giftsTemples of Syrinx
Look aroundTemples of Syrinx
Equality, ourTemples of Syrinx
come and joinTemples of Syrinx
Oh what a niceTemples of Syrinx
let the bannersTemples of Syrinx
Hold the Red StarTemples of Syrinx
We are the priests of theTemples of Syrinx
Our great computers fillTemples of Syrinx
We are Temples of Syrinx
All the gifts of lifeTemples of Syrinx
What can this Discovery
When I touch it,Discovery
It's got Discovery
What can this Discovery
See how it Discovery
And joyously Discovery
Sounds that buildDiscovery
Or notes thatDiscovery
I cant wait toDiscovery
The people will Discovery
Let them all make Discovery
Priests praiseDiscovery
I know its Presentation
but I found anPresentation
I thought Presentation
Listen to myPresentation
There's something Presentation
I know that Presentation
Yes we knowPresentation
It's justPresentation
We have no needPresentation
our worldPresentation
Another toyPresentation
Forget about your Presentation
It doesntPresentation
I cant believePresentation
start of lyricsend of lyricsPlace in Song
Our worldPresentation
Just thinkPresentation
Listen to my Presentation
There's something herePresentation
I know thatPresentation
Dont annoyPresentation
We have Presentation
Just think aboutPresentation
What use Presentation
Another toyPresentation
Forget aboutPresentation
It doesntPresentation
I wanderedOracle: The Dream
and fell intoOracle: The Dream
Escape to realmsOracle: The Dream
DreamOracle: The Dream
I stand Oracle: The Dream
An OracleOracle: The Dream
He leads me Oracle: The Dream
ThroughOracle: The Dream
I see the worksOracle: The Dream
that graceOracle: The Dream
I see the handOracle: The Dream
with hungry mindOracle: The Dream
They leftOracle: The Dream
the elder raceOracle: The Dream
Their power growsOracle: The Dream
To claim Oracle: The Dream
Home toOracle: The Dream
Home toOracle: The Dream
The sleepSoliloquy
The dreamSoliloquy
I heave a sighSoliloquy
and lieSoliloquy
I wish thatSoliloquy
not fadeSoliloquy
Just think ofSoliloquy
in a worldSoliloquy
I dont thinkSoliloquy
Carry onSoliloquy
My spirits are Soliloquy
my life bloodSoliloquy
AttentionThe Grand Finale
Attention allThe Grand Finale
Attention all planetsThe Grand Finale
WeThe Grand Finale
We haveThe Grand Finale
We have assumed The Grand Finale

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