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Can you name the how well do you know pretty little liars??

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questonyour answerseason
who went missing in the first episode?season 1 ,episode 1
where did they find alison's body?season 1
what used to be hanna's nickname?season 1
whats hanna's last name?
whats aria's last name?
whats spencer's last name?
whats emily's last name?
who did they find out was -A first?
questonyour answerseason
who confessed to killing wilden?
who is the swimmer?
who is emily's first girlfriend?((season 1- season 2 ,episode 25))
who is hanna's boyfriend?((present))
who is aria's boyfriend?((season1- season 3, episode 24))
who is spencer's boyfriend?((season 1 episode 19- present))
who was recently discovered to be -A?season 4 ,episode 12

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