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Can you name the Hearthstone cards by what they say when entering play (GvG & Naxx)?

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Forced Order
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'Let us see if this works...'
'Can I help you, sir?'
'I see everything!'
'Safety restrictions offline. Harvesting servos, engaged.'
'Did somebody say BOMBS?'
'Powering up. Portals, online!'
'For Gnomeregan!'
'Oooh, fire!'
'I can fix anything!'
'Special delivery!'
'I can take the hit'
'I. Am. Ready!'
'You might feel a little tingle.'
'The Damned stand ready'
'Defensive systems online'
'Come close and listen'
'Hello! Hello! Hello!'
'This is going to be Amazing!'
'Witness the power of pure water!'
'Naxxramas is ours...'
'Shields up! Red alert!'
'Troggzor! Troggzor!'
'To arms, men!'
'Bring out your dead...'
'From the void I come...'
'Death does not scare me!'
'Chugga chugga chugga chugga'
'The thrill of the hunt!'
'Get back ye scurvy dogs!'
'I am Mal'ganis, I AM ETERNAL!'
'Snakes. It has to be snakesssssss'
'Minions, soldiers of the cold dark, obey the call of Kel'Thuzad!'
'Come forth, coward!'
''For a little bot, I pack a big punch!'
'Sneaky! Shush, quiet!'
'Spinning up!'
'The Scourge will consume you!'
'I'll show them! I'll show them all!'
'Show them noooo mercy!'
'For the Lich King!'
'Back from the junk heap.'
'Behold, the magnificent aerial command unit!'
'The light does not discriminate'
'Repairs available'
'I see you...'
'Battle detected'
'Something needs tinkering?'
'It's clobbering time!'
'I can ease your pain'
'Sludge feel funny...'

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