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Can you name the facts from the movie Super Troopers?

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Name of the comedy troupe who made Super Troopers
What the three guys were pulled over for in the opening scene
What do the troopers chug at the diner?
The local cops think Thorny is ____
The fast food restaurant where Farva got banned
What type of cartoon is Johnny Chimpo?
What do Foster and Ursula disguise themselves as (with a minor misunderstading)?
'And that was the second time I got ___'
'I swear to God, I'll pistol whip the next guy who says ___'
After beating him up, to whom does O'Hagan tell Grady to give his regards?
Farva's drink order at the bar
Farva's proposed name for his and Thorny's car
What does Officer Rando hold up at the Little League game?
What does Thorny offer the German couple?
What word does Foster say 10 times to a motorist?
What brand of beer do the troopers deliver in the end?
Who's Uncle Fred?
What did Rabbit find in his cup of coffee?
What does Mac wear to help the other cops train?

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