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Description: Number
Number of cells after meiosis
Days of creation
Number of inches in a foot
3.1415926535 ... there's a song about this
Becky's other favorite number (>10)
Ante's favorite number
One of the lucky numbers: Friday the ____
Becky's favorite number (less than 10)
Number of directions in one dimension
Days in a year (floor)
Description: Number
Number of normal people it takes to normally screw in a normal light bulb (type out the number)
Most common points on an AP Lang assignment
Best possible score on an AP
Minutes taken to save 15% on car insurance by switching to Geico
Number of odd numbers on a standard monopoly dice
Number of states in US
Number of feet in a mile
The best AT Physics period
length of school day in minutes
There are 0 prime numbers whose digits sum to these single-digit numbers: 1, 6, and ___

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