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Forced Order
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High above the _____ ____
Castle made of ______
There sits _________
Sitting oh so _______
Not much to __
When you're high above the _____ ____
Yeaaah, yeahhh...Wonderboy, what is the secret of your _____
Wonderboy, won't you take me ___ ____
From the Mucky Muck ___
Now it's time for me to tell you about _____ _____ ___
Archrival and nemesis of Wonderboy, with _____ comparable to Wonderboy!
What _____, you ask?
I dunno how about the power of _____
That do anything for ya? That's __________, homes.
How about the power to kill a ___?
From ___ yards away?
WITH ____ _______
That's __________, _____!
How about the power... to ____ ___?
History of ________ and ____ _____ ___
Rigga goog goog rigga goog goog, the ______ to be told
A gold chest to be ____
And blasting forth with ____ ____ ______, GO!
Well Wonderboy and Young Nasty Man joined ______
They formed a ____ the likes of which have NEVER BEEN SEEN!
And they called themselves ________ _ !
That's right! ______________!
And __!
That's __!
We're. Now! ________ _! Come fly with me, let's fly!
OHHH take my ____! Young Nasty Man!
We're gonna fly! Bring out your _________!
There's the _____!
Slice his _____!
And ____ his scrote!
You take the ____ ____!
I'll take the ___!
There, the crevasse! ____ it!
With your mighty _____________

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