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QUIZ: Can you name which Survivor contestant provided the title for each episode?

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Episode and SeasonPlayer
'The Beginning of the End' (Caramoan)
'I Need Redemption' (South Pacific)
'This Game Respects Big Moves' (Redemption Island)
'The Day of Reckoning' (Samoa)
'Cult Like' (South Pacific)
'A Smile, Velvet Gloves and a Dagger in My Pocket' (Fiji)
'Too Little, Too Late' (Borneo)
'Now's the Time to Start Scheming' (Kaôh Rōng)
'I'll Show You How Threatening I Am' (Palau)
'Swoop In for the Kill' (Blood vs. Water)
'Nothing Tastes Better than Five Hundred Dollars' (Gabon)
'We're a Hot Mess' (San Juan del Sur)
'Livin' on the Edge' (Worlds Apart)
'Play or Go Home' (Kaôh Rōng)
'Sleeping with the Enemy' (Amazon)
'The Brains Behind Everything' (Gabon)
'The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy' (Gabon)
'I Trust You but I Trust Me More' (Tocantins)
'Million Dollar Decision' (San Juan del Sur)
'Blood Is Thicker than Anything' (Blood vs. Water)
'This Isn't a 'We' Game” (Philippines)
'I'm Not Here to Make Good Friends' (Kaôh Rōng)
'Girls Gone Wilder' (Amazon)
'Survivor History' (Heroes vs. Villains)
'A Bunch of Idiots' (One World)
'I've Been Bamboozled!' (All-Stars)
'The Poison Apple Needs to Go' (Tocantins)
'Not Going Down Without a Fight' (Kaôh Rōng)
'He's a Ball of Goo!' (Micronesia)
'Kill or Be Killed' (Caramoan)
'I Will Destroy You' (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'Who's the Sucker at the Table?' (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'I Was Put on the Planet for This Show' (Gabon)
'Cops-R-Us' (Cagayan)
'The Chain' (Amazon)
'You're Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe' (Redemption Island)
'Bunking with the Devil' (Cambodia)
'May the Best Generation Win' (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'She Annoys Me Greatly' (Caramoan)
'We Got a Rat' (Cambodia)
'Bum-Puzzled' (One World)
'Keep It Real' (Worlds Apart)
'Something Cruel Is About to Happen... Real Soon' (Fiji)
'Mad Treasure Hunt' (Cagayan)
'Keep Hope Alive' (Redemption Island)
'Stupid People, Stupid, Stupid People' (All-Stars)
'It Will Be My Revenge' (Worlds Apart)
'Gettin' to Crunch Time' (San Juan del Sur)
'It Was Like Christmas Morning!' (Gabon)
'Their Red-Headed Stepchild' (Redemption Island)
'You Own My Vote' (Redemption Island)
'Rice Wars' (Redemption Island)
'Ticking Time Bomb' (South Pacific)
'Love Goggles' (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'It's a Turtle?!' (Fiji)
'About to Have a Rumble' (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'Blood Is Blood' (San Juan del Sur)
'Worst Case Scenario' (Nicaragua)
'This Is Not Survival... It's a Thrival' (Fiji)
'Go Out with a Bang' (One World)
'My Word Is My Bond' (Worlds Apart)
'I'm Not as Dumb as I Look' (China)
'The Devils We Know' (Kaôh Rōng)
'Are We Gonna Live on Exile Island?!' (Fiji)
'Big Bad Wolf' (Blood vs. Water)
'What About Me?' (Nicaragua)
'You've Got That Puzzled Look' (Fiji)
'Million Dollar Gamble' (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'The Final Four' (Borneo)
'The Sounds of Jungle Love' (Micronesia)
'Odd Woman Out' (Worlds Apart)
'One-Man Wrecking Ball' (Blood vs. Water)
'Don't Say Anything About My Mom' (Caramoan)
'Still Holdin' On' (San Juan del Sur)
'Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner' (Worlds Apart)
'Dirty Deed' (Game Changers)
'Got My Swag Back” (Philippines)
'Shot into Smithereens” (Philippines)
'The Ultimate Sacrifice' (Tocantins)
'Havoc to Wreak' (Cagayan)
'The Tables Have Turned' (Game Changers)
'The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight' (Worlds Apart)
“Hell Hath Frozen Over” (Philippines)
'Glitter in Their Eyes' (Nicaragua)
Episode and SeasonPlayer
'Let's Just Call Jeff on the Jeff Phone' (Fiji)
'One of Those 'Coach Moments'' (Tocantins)
'Let's Get Rid of the Weak Players Before We Even Start' (Tocantins)
'Running the Camp' (Nicaragua)
'Sitting in My Spy Shack' (Cagayan)
'Houdini Magic' (Samoa)
'It's Survivor Warfare' (Worlds Apart)
'Kind of Like Cream Cheese' (San Juan del Sur)
'Rustle Feathers' (Blood vs. Water)
'Damage Control' (Samoa)
'Seems Like a No Brainer' (Redemption Island)
'Tubby Lunchbox' (Caramoan)
'Company Will Be Arriving Soon' (Nicaragua)
'I'm the Kingpin' (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'We Hate Our Tribe' (Redemption Island)
'Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart” (Cambodia)
'Hungry for a Win' (Samoa)
'My Wheels Are Spinning' (Cambodia)
'The Puppet Master' (Samoa)
'Tastes Like Chicken' (Samoa)
'Sleeping with the Enemy' (Thailand)
'It's Psychological Warfare' (Kaôh Rōng)
'Opening Pandora's Box” (Blood vs. Water)
'The Jocks vs. the Pretty People' (Kaôh Rōng)
'Kindergarten Camp' (Kaôh Rōng)
'Survivor Jackpot' (Game Changers)
'Thanks for the Souvenir' (One World)
'Million Dollar Question' (Philippines)
'Let's Make a Move' (San Juan del Sur)
'Turf Wars' (Nicaragua)
'Skin of My Teeth' (Blood vs. Water)
'This Is Where We Build Trust' (San Juan del Sur)
'It's Getting the Best of Me' (Heroes vs. Villains)
'We're Finally Playing Some Survivor' (Worlds Apart)
'Trapped' (Amazon)
'Young at Heart' (Nicaragua)
“Not the Only Actor on This Island” (Philippines)
'Plan Voodoo' (Cook Islands)
'It's Human Nature' (One World)
'Suck It Up and Survive' (San Juan del Sur)
'Signed, Sealed and Delivered' (Kaôh Rōng)
“You Call, We'll Haul” (Cambodia)
'Running the Show' (South Pacific)
'It's My Night' (Blood vs. Water)
'Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil' (Cambodia)
'It's Do or Die' (Cagayan)
'Don't You Work for Me?' (Redemption Island)
'What's the Beef?' (Cambodia)
'The Brave May Not Live Long, but the Cautious Don't Live at All' (Guatemala)
'An Evil Thought' (Fiji)
'If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese' (Micronesia)
'Trojan Horse' (South Pacific)
'I'm No Dummy' (One World)
'All Hell Breaks Loose' (Samoa)
'Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All' (Nicaragua)
'Survivalism' (South Pacific)
'Why Aren't You Swimming?!' (Cook Islands)
'Free Agent' (South Pacific)
“I Can Forgive Her but I Don't Have to Because She Screwed with My Chickens” (Cook Islands)
'It's Funny When People Cry' (Tocantins)
'Crazy Is as Crazy Does' (Worlds Apart)
'Witches Coven' (Cambodia)
'It's Been Real and It's Been Fun' (China)
'Odd One Out' (Cagayan)
'Lie, Cheat and Steal' (Cambodia)
'Bring the Popcorn' (Worlds Apart)
'Stir the Pot!' (Micronesia)
'Taste the Victory' (South Pacific)
Your Job Is Recon (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'I'm in Such a Hot Pickle!' (Micronesia)
'I Should Be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing!' (Micronesia)
'The Dragon Slayer' (Tocantins)
“Create a Little Chaos” (Philippines)
'Say Goodbye to Gabon' (Gabon)
'Double Agent' (South Pacific)
'That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!' (China)
'That Girl Is Like a Virus' (Heroes vs. Villains)
'You Started, You're Finishing' (Nicaragua)
'The Buddy System' (Redemption Island)
'Ready to Bite the Apple' (China)
'Hello, I'm Still a Person' (China)
'Perception Is Not Always Reality' (One World)
'Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store' (Micronesia)
'Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to None' (Fiji)
Episode and SeasonPlayer
'Taking Candy from a Baby' (Samoa)
'It's Gonna Be Chaos' (One World)
'Bag of Tricks' (Cagayan)
'Head of the Snake' (Cagayan)
'One World is Out the Window' (One World)
'They Both Went Bananas' (Tocantins)
'Ride the Workhorse Till the Tail Falls Off' (China)
'Snakes Are Misunderstood... We Have an Understanding Now' (Fiji)
'Whiners Are Wieners” (Philippines)
'Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This' (Tocantins)
'Cut Throat' (South Pacific)
'I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal' (Fiji)
'It's a 'Me' Game, Not a 'We' Game' (Kaôh Rōng)
'The Princess' (Marquesas)
'What Goes Around, Comes Around' (Nicaragua)
'Operation Thunder Dome' (Caramoan)
'Off with Their Heads!' (Samoa)
'My Brother's Keeper' (Blood vs. Water)
'A Snake in the Grass' (Cambodia)
'Still Throwin' Punches' (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'The Stakes Have Been Raised' (Game Changers)
'My Mom Is Going to Kill Me!' (China)
'Too Close for Comfort' (Redemption Island)
'It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl' (Gabon)
'I'm a Mental Giant' (Kaôh Rōng)
“Come Over to the Dark Side” (Caramoan)
'Make Some Magic Happen' (San Juan del Sur)
'People That You Like Want to See You Suffer' (Cook Islands)
'Tonight, We Make Our Move' (Heroes vs. Villains)
'This Is Going to Hurt' (Nicaragua)
'Pulling the Trigger' (Nicaragua)
“Little Miss Perfect” (Philippines)
'Call the Whambulence!' (Panama)
'This Is the Man Test' (Samoa)
'It Don't Take a Smart One' (Redemption Island)
'Loyalties Will Be Broken' (South Pacific)
'Reap What You Sow' (South Pacific)
'Hot Girl with a Grudge' (Cagayan)
'The Circle of Life' (Kaôh Rōng)
'It's a Fickle, Fickle Game' (Worlds Apart)
“Don't Be Blinded by the Headlights” (Philippines)
'Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops” (Philippines)
'Dead Man Walking' (Philippines)
'We Found Our Zombies' (Cagayan)
'Just Annihilate Them' (One World)
'Then There Were Five' (South Pacific)
'You Guys Are Dumber than You Look' (Micronesia)
'Blindside Time' (Caramoan)
'Idol Search Party' (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'A Mystery Package' (Redemption Island)
'The Truth Works Well' (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'Never Say Die' (One World)
'Straw That Broke the Camel's Back' (Cagayan)
'One Armed Dude and Three Moms' (Blood vs. Water)
'The Martyr Approach' (Tocantins)
'The Good Guys Should Win in the End' (Gabon)
'It's Merge Time' (Kaôh Rōng)
'I'm Going for a Million Bucks' (Millennials vs. Gen X)
'Honey Badger' (Caramoan)
'Cut Off the Head of the Snake' (Caramoan)
'Not Sure Where I Stand' (Nicaragua)
'You're a Rat...' (Cook Islands)
'This Camp Is Cursed' (Gabon)
You Mangled My Nets (Redemption Island)
'Actions vs. Accusations' (San Juan del Sur)
'Persona Non Grata' (Caramoan)
'Just Don't Eat the Apple' (China)
'Survivor MacGyver' (Cambodia)
'A Lost Puppy Dog' (Micronesia)
'Wrinkle in the Plan' (San Juan del Sur)
'With Me or Not with Me' (Kaôh Rōng)
'This Is My Time' (San Juan del Sur)
'The Great White Shark Hunter' (Palau)
'I've Got Strength Now to Carry the Flag' (Fiji)
'Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest' (Caramoan)
'Play to Win' (Cambodia)
'The Beauty in a Merge' (One World)
'Gloves Come Off' (Blood vs. Water)
'There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay' (Caramoan)
'He Has Demons' (South Pacific)
'Rule in Chaos' (Blood vs. Water)
'Stuck in the Middle' (Nicaragua)
'Slay Everyone, Trust No One' (Heroes vs. Villains)
'Gouge My Eyes Out” (Philippines)

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