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Town with incredibly fresh air
Legendary Ground beast catchable in Ruby and Emerald
Frontier Brain of the Battle Factory
Legendary Water beast catchable in Sapphire and Emerald
First member of the Elite 4, uses Dark types
Near the Space Center is what color of rock that is the center of many rumors
The Department Store is located in this town
The legendary DNA Pokemon from space
Frontier Brain of the Battle Palace
Town that houses the Game Corner and the Bike Store
Pokemon you can receive at the Weather Institute
HM needed to proceed with the story after getting your 7th badge
Bike that can do tricks and traverse small bridges
President of the major corporation in the game
Rival's father
Small island town home to Granite Cave
Contest type with moves like Hypnosis and Mind Reader
Second member of the Elite 4, uses Ghost types
Second gym leader, uses Fighting types
Legendary Dragon beast in all 3 games
Things you can create via blending berries
Regional professor
Contest type with moves like Pound, Crunch, and Slam
Large marketplace and seaport city
Orb that Team Magma uses to awaken a legendary Pokemon
The unspoken language associated with the golems
Volcano in the region
Headquarters of the major corporation of the game is located in this town
Man you can trade shards with for evolutionary stones
Large post-game section only found in Emerald
Resting place of the sky dragon resembling Ziz
Sixth gym leader, uses Flying types
Strange island that appears VERY rarely
Ice golem
Grass type starter
City only accessible by diving
Gives the player a bike for free
Contest type with moves like Attract and Charm
Town home to the Fossil Maniac and Prof. Cozmo
Sickly boy who becomes your rival in end-game
Third gym leader, uses Electric types
Starting town
Major corporation (Silph of the region)
Contest type with moves like Magical Leaf and Perish Song
Man that will sail you across the sea after saving his Pokemon
This HM is not needed to complete the game (name 1)
Canon name of male protagonist
Fifth gym leader, uses Normal types
Underground city that the player must fix the generators in
Third member of the Elite 4, uses Ice types
Blue dragon found post-game
Contest type with moves like Swift, Thunder and Howl
You can fight a very powerful trainer here after you beat the Elite 4 (Emerald only)
Small town kept afloat by wild Corsola
Number of dots on each legendary golem's face
With the move Secret Power, you can create these
Fourth gym leader, uses Fire types
Frontier Brain of the Battle Pike
Steel golem
Nickname of the Wingull kidnapped by Team Magma/Aqua
Type of berry that restores a little bit of HP
Name of the region in these games
Town known for it's soothing hot springs
News reporting team that travels the region
Second town the player will pass through
Orb that Team Aqua uses to awaken a legendary Pokemon
The speed of using this HM is faster than it's been in any other game
First gym leader, uses Rock types
Pokemon that only evolves after raising a certain contest stat
Man with a house containing mazes, challenges, etc
Frontier Brain of the Battle Pyramid
The Pokemon League is located in this place
Pokemon that can turn invisible and obstruct your way (Snorlax of this game)
Bike that goes very fast and can traverse sandy slopes
Frontier Brain of the Battle Tower
Eighth gym leader in Ruby and Sapphire, uses Water types
Frontier Brain of the Battle Arena
The elusive wish Pokemon
Champion in Ruby and Sapphire, uses Steel types
Ground golem
The player's father's gym is here
The cave one must go through to fight the Elite 4
Champion in Emerald, uses Water types
Water type starter
First Pokemon caught by your sickly rival
Town that utilizes trees for many of it's buildings
Mysterious man who follows you in Emerald
Pokemon Tower of this game
Canon name of female protagonist
Pokemon that delivers mail between a couple in two towns
Device that can locate hidden items on the ground
Item given to the player to find Team Magma's hideout
Seventh gym leaders, use Psychic types
Eighth gym leader in Emerald, uses Water types
Fire type starter
Frontier Brain of the Battle Dome
Fourth member of the Elite 4, uses Dragon types
Town home to the regional Space Center
Protagonist's father
Red dragon found post-game

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