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Can you name the unique, named weapons from Fallout 4?

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Method of obtainingUnique Weapon
Complete Tradecraft; buy from Tinker Tom or craft
Sold by Teagan after becoming a Paladin
Rewarded by Captain Ironsides
Reward or stolen from Paladin Brandis
Found in University Credit Union
Rewarded by Paladin Danse
Carried by Elder Maxson during Airship Down
Sold by Teagan
Sold by a Synth vendor in the Institute
Sold by Teagan after completing the main quest
Rewarded by Jack Cabot for killing Lorenzo Cabot
Located in Cabot House
Method of obtainingUnique Weapon
Sold by Ronnie Shaw at The Castle
Looted from an alien at a UFO crash site
Behind a Master lock in Vault 111
3 rewarded by Captain Zao after completing Here There Be Monsters
Sold by Trudy at Drumlin Diner
In a wall safe in Pickman Gallery
Locked in a display case at Hubris Comics
Located at the bottom of Dunwich Borers
Found in a grave after completing The Gilded Grasshopper
Located in the time capsule at Jamaica Plains
Sold by Moe at Diamond City Market
Found in the sewer tunnel beneath Walden Pond

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