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Forced Order
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The first/only Latino HouseGuest to win Big Brother
First people to be evicted as a duo
HouseGuest with the lowest placement to win America's Favorite Player
First evicted HouseGuest
First HoH
First 'banished' HouseGuest
First Roadkill Competition winner
First female winner
First Roadkill nominee
First Veto winner
First female to defeat a male in the Final 2
Oldest HouseGuest to ever play
Oldest HouseGuest to win the game
First HouseGuest to win the game on their second try
Most days on Slop
First person to make Final 2 twice
Only runner-up to receive 0 votes to win
First person to cast an eviction vote from outside the house
First Battle of the Block winner (2 answers)
First Diamond Power of Veto holder
First to win America's Favorite Player
First HoH to nominate five individual players in one week
Most weeks as a Have Not (5 answers)
First America's Player
Most HoH wins overall (2 answers)
Most Veto wins overall
Most days in the house (2 answers)
Least amount of time in the house
First person to walk from the game
First expelled HouseGuest
First winner
First person to win HoH twice
First person to be evicted twice
First past HouseGuest to host the Jury roundtable
First HouseGuest to play Survivor
First person to nominate themselves for eviction
Most times nominated overall
Only person to return to the game twice in one season
Most Veto wins in one season (2 answers)
First/only HouseGuest to be Big Brother 'MVP'
First Temptation Competition winner
The first/only Asian HouseGuest to win Big Brother
Only winner with no comp wins (sans BB1)
Youngest HouseGuest to win the game
Most times nominated in one season
Only person to win AFP twice
First sequestered Juror
Youngest HouseGuest to ever play
Most days on PB&J
Most prize money won overall
HouseGuest with most consecutive HoHs
Only person to play a perfect game
First person to possess the Coup d'etat
First three-time player (2 answers)
First/only season to air during the winter
First HouseGuest to be backdoored
First named alliance
First person to be nominated by the MVP
First person to use the Coup d'etat
Only person to lose in Final 2 twice

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