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Can you name the characters in Batman: Arkham City?

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Aggressive male reporter
Plant-human hybrid
Wonderland-esque antagonist
Utilizes the Lazarus Pit to stay alive
Teams up with protagonist to destroy TITAN
Carves a mark on his body for each victim
Childhood friend of Bruce Wayne
Tim Drake
Scientist antagonist
Female counterpart to clown antagonist
Short, chubby antagonist
Aspiring actor
Giant undead monster who can't die
Question asking antagonist
Female reporter for Gotham News
One armed twins (last name)
Mayor of Gotham City, Warden of Arkham Asylum
World's greatest assassin
Uses a coin to make decisions
Protagonist's butler
Female assistant to protagonist
Police commissioner of Gotham
Green scaly antagonist (cameo)
Wife of icy antagonist
Obsessed with holidays
Clown antagonist
Dick Grayson
Female assassin and love interest to protagonist
Female playable character
Mask obsessed antagonist (cameo)
Must be kept at sub-zero temperatures

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