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In-game descriptionEnemy
A mix of pig and a secret ingredient
Watch out for his body-slam
Without the helmet, becomes porky
Even bone can be broken with a good whack
(Enemy above) with a short temper
Watch out for the nose-fired shells!
Pig and tank combo
It isn't easy dodging the flame
Shreds enemies with a spinning claw attack
Watch out for the stinger
Cocktail of pineapple and finch
The shock attack is 1 million volts
Can you blow this candle out?
Wants to be a queen
In-game descriptionEnemy
Hates water more than anything
Your toupee is falling off!
Fastest rat in the West
Steers clear of tropical zones
Helpless without the shield
The missile launcher is removable
Each steel ball weighs 1 ton
The expansion of its body is a defense mechanism
Can crush anything with his giant jaws
Stunning moves make Pink Monkey shine
What's that? I came to the wrong game??
What?? I came to the wrong game too??
We're sitting ducks, I tell you

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