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Forced Order
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Official name of the playable character
First name of your father
First name of your mother
Name of your childhood bully
Bully's friend who dies at age 18/19
Bully's other friend who is still alive
Assistant to your father in the Vault
Your best female friend in the Vault
Title of the ruler of a Vault
Gives you your Pip-Boy on your 10th birthday
The above person's robot
Loves to write poems
Gives you a Sweetroll on your 10th birthday
Your teacher in the Vault
Never seems to finish the G.O.A.T
Mayor and sheriff of Megaton
Runs Craterside Supply in Megaton
Former Raider living in Megaton
Runs the town Saloon
Bartender of the town Saloon
Prostitute in the Saloon
Hires you to blow up Megaton
Son of the mayor
Runs the Water Processing Plant
Saved a child after her parents died
Name of the above child
Has a Chem problem
Keeps track of the Brass Lantern's money
Works outside of the Brass Lantern
Preaches in the irradiated water every day
Worships the Enclave
Wife of Enclave worshiper
Wife of preacher
Has family members in Arefu
Butler if you decide to spare Megaton
Megaton's water beggar
Owner of Tenpenny Tower
Owns the Boutique le Chic in Tenpenny
Owns Urban Apparel in Tenpenny
Chief of the guards at Tenpenny
Tenpenny Tower's Doctor
Married but is having an affair with another woman
Is married to the above man
Woman in Tenpenny who has many affairs
Tenpenny's local drunk
Star of his own program on Galaxy News Radio
Apparently a descendant of a Chinese leader
Wife of above man
Military leader of China from 2066-2077
Runs the Cafe Beau Monde in Tenpenny
Bartender in the Federalist Lounge
Tenpenny Tower's water beggar
Butler if you get a Tenpenny Suite
Wishes to get into Tenpenny Tower by unleashing Feral Ghouls
Supposed girlfriend of above person
Used to vacation at Tenpenny Tower before the war
Found in Scrapyard fighting Raiders
Sniper in Minefield
Master Slaver at Paradise Falls
Recruitable female Slave
Non recruitable female Slave
Slave who memorizes guard patterns
Old Slave who has gone senile
Drunk Slave
Tries to escape Paradise Falls but explodes
Only current female Slaver
Paradise Falls' Doctor
Second in command Slaver
Bartender of Paradise Falls, killed very quickly
Guards the entrance to Paradise Falls
Ghoul Slave
Female child Slave
Slaver and bodyguard in Paradise Falls
Leads a 6-man-squad of Slavers
Owns Lock and Load in Paradise Falls
Kills the bartender, father of the bodyguard
Was put in the Box as punishment
Male child Slave who's name is the same as an animal's
Male child Slave with normal name
Owner of Galaxy News Radio
Stalwart Ghoul manservant
Recruitable Ghoul in Underworld
Previous owner of the above's contract
Chief engineer of Underworld
Runs her own place
Waiter in the above place
Underworld's Doctor
Ghoul in the Museum of American History
Hires you to kill Ghoul 'bigots'
Doctor's nurse in Underworld
Underworld's local drunk
Ghoul merchant of Underworld
Guards the Museum of History
Owner of Underworld Outfitters
Underworld's barber
Underworld's robot guard
Current Mayor of Little Lamplight
9-year-old with a lisp
Enslavable child of Little Lamplight
Runs Spelunkers in Little Lamplight
Gets kicked out of Lamplight for turning into a Mungo
Current oldest child in Little Lamplight
Runs Lamplight's general store
In charge of Lamplight's 'morale'
Lamplight's doctor
Guards the back gate of Lamplight
Lamplight's Nuka Cola addict
Canterbury Commons' mayor
Mayor's nephew
Fights with an army of robots
Fights with an army of ants
Canterbury's law enforcement officer
Canterbury's merchant
Canterbury's junior law enforcement officer
Rivet City's water beggar
Represents the merchants on Rivet's council
Represents the security force on Rivet's council
Represents science on Rivet's council
Wishes to take the merchant leader's place on the council
Owner of the Capitol Preservation Society
Female in Rivet City who has a crush on someone
Trader and father of above person
Rivet City's medical doctor
Scientist who betrays you to help the Enclave
Scientist who is shot by an Enclave officer
Bodyguard of android obsessed doctor
Android obsessed doctor
Owns the Muddy Rudder bar
Lives in Rivet City's broken bow
Bouncer at Muddy Rudder
Female child in Rivet City
Above person's best friend on the ship
Drunken mother of above person
Reverend of St. Monica's Church
Acolyte to the reverend
Co-owns a weapon store in Rivet City, former Slaver
Co-owns a weapon store in Rivet City, former Raider
Rivet City Security Leader's 2nd in command
Rivet's mechanic
Rivet's cleaning lady
Man in Rivet City with a heart condition
Protects the water caravan
Former female slave living in Rivet City
Male slaver on Rivet City
Owns A Quick Fix in Rivet City
Husband to above person
Owns a hotel in Rivet City
Robot in the hotel
Suicidal Rivet City resident
Rivet City's Chem Addict
Female drunk always asking you for caps
Most prominent member of the Railroad
Recruitable Super Mutant
Only other friendly Super Mutant
Talking tree-appears in all Fallout games
Leader of the Treeminders
Elder of the Treeminders
Bloomseer in Oasis
Male Branchtender in Oasis
Branchtender in Oasis-former Outcast member
Female Branchtender in Oasis
Child in Oasis
Defends Arefu
Insane resident of Arefu
Son of the West family in Arefu
Only sane, female, living member of Arefu
Rather rude member of Arefu
Father in the West family, killed by his son
Mother in the West family, killed by her son
Leader of the Family
The Family's Prostitute
Wife of the Leader of the Family
Saved from Rivet City Security by the Family's Leader
Doesn't agree with the Family's mindset but lives in Meresti anyway
Sentry and doorman of the Family
Newest addition to the Family
Andale resident with a wife and daughter with a mysterious shed
Wife of above man
Daughter of above woman
Andale resident with a wife and a son with a mysterious basement
Wife of above man
Son of above woman
Only sane adult in Andale
Alleged President of the United States
2nd in command to the President
Elder of the Capital Wasteland's Brotherhood
Daughter of above character
Most prominent Brotherhood Scribe in the game
Giant pre-war robot
Recruitable Brotherhood Paladin
Trains people to use Power Armor
Collects Holotags
Childhood bully's mother
Only Officer who aids you in your escape from the Vault
Male characters have a crush on this character at age 10
Becomes the ruler of Vault 101 if you kill the original one
Only child in Grayditch
Scientist in Grayditch
Mastermind trapped in Tranquility Lane

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