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Forced Order
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'It is in your hands. Destroy Sin, and save Spira.'
'See? Keep your head down, say 'sir' a lot, and you'll do fine.'
'Young Crusaders gather round, we'll beat Sin into the ground!'
'Yee-haw, here we go!'
'It is better to die in hope than to live in despair. Let me be your liberator!'
'The High court of Yevon is now in session.'
'We owe our lives to the Al Bhed. However, no matter how much they beg, we cannot quit our pilgrimage.'
'Where there's a will, there's a way.'
'No deal.'
'Hey, uhm... what's 'sacrificed'? The Al Bhed said summoners were being 'sacrificed'...'
'I have faith in your victory.'
'You cried.'
'This is it. This is your story. It all begins here.'
'He is the one who sowed the seeds of hatred. He is to blame. But I am at fault for letting him become what he was.'
'Really, now, what person would execute a dear friend?'
'Would you look at this? They always leave me behind.'
'Life is but a passing dream, but the death that follows is eternal.'
'Kimahri is small Ronso.'
'Pick spot. Shut up. Wait.'
'Why not talk, Kimahri? Not see *character's name* for ten years!'
'Merchant extraordinaire at your service!'
'No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew.'
'You're Auron, aren't you? May I shake your hand?'
'We were surprised you decided to come so soon. Pleasantly surprised, of course.'
'And that, as they say, is that.'
'After this tournament... I'm retiring. Win or lose, I'll be leaving Blitzball for good.'
'I will leave this world soon, killed by my own son.'
'Hey, I'm not looking forward to my brother dying when this is all over.'
'Touch me with that hand and I'll REMOVE it.'
'The people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded...never forget them.'
'I ain't gettin' any younger, so I might as well make myself useful.'
' I must be the rock that stands against the swirling tides, right?'
'But I have come to kill grief itself.'
'Well, I'm fighting!'
'The rebirth cannot be stopped. Yet the courage of those who fight gives the people hope.'
'Listen to my story. This... may be our last chance.'

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