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Can you name the Fallout New Vegas Characters?

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Man who fixes you up after being shot
Owns the Prospector Saloon in Goodsprings
Possible Eyebot companion
Leader of the Omertas
Mute prisoner at the Sierra Madre
Former deputy of Primm
Bodyguard for hire in Freeside who sets up fake attacks
Ghoulified Pre-War lounge singer at the Sierra Madre
261-year-old ruler of New Vegas
Leader of NCR unit near Primm
Goodsprings woman, taught you how to survive in the Mojave
The leader of the Legion's Praetorian Guard
Musical talent with a debt to Mr. Bishop
Possible whiskey-loving companion
Frumentarius who aids you in assassinating the President of the NCR
Centurion and commander of Cottonwood Cove
Insane resident of Novac
Legion slavemaster at Cottonwood Cove
Leader of the Frumentarii of the Legion
Leader of the Great Khans
Commanding officer of NCR forces at Hoover Dam
Owner of the Silver Rush in Freeside
NCR ambassador to New Vegas
Former convict and possible mayor of Primm
Former Vertibird pilot for the Enclave
President of the NCR
Motel owner in Novac
Nightkin at the Sierra Madre with two personalities
Leader of the New Vegas branch of the Followers of the Apocalypse
Robot in Vikki and Vance Casino, possible mayor of Primm
Shopkeeper of General Store in Goodsprings
Co-owner of the Atomic Wrangler who hires you to find 'escorts'
Decanus in command of Camp Nelson
Leader of Brotherhood of Steel at Hidden Valley
Billboard artist living on The Strip
Helpful, forthcoming Securitron
An old dynamite-savvy prospector in Goodsprings
Securitron who gives you 2,000 caps per snowglobe
Possible sniper companion
Leader of the Legion
Co-owner of the Atomic Wrangler who hires you to collect debts
Leader of the State of Utobitha super mutants
Threatened by Powder Gangers, hides out in Goodsprings
Head officer of the NCR MP on The Strip
Official name of playable character
Owner of the Vault 21 gift shop on The Strip
Known for her Radscorpion venom casserole
Second-in-command of The Chairmen
Leader of the Boomers
Survivalist resident of North Vegas
Leader of the group of religious ghouls in REPCONN
A wealthy Brahmin baron visiting the Ultra-Luxe
Second in command of the Legion
Chairman who shot you in Goodsprings
Robot who digs you out of your grave
Commanding officer of the NCR
Right hand man of the leader of the Omertas
Former Legate of the Legion, known as the Burned Man
Possible ghoul companion
Owner of the Crimson Caravan Company
Plans to take over Goodsprings with help of Powder Gangers and player
Courier and Frumentarius
Human who mistakes himself for a ghoul
Owner of the Novac gift shop
Legion mongrel who can be fought for her brain
Possible Brotherhood scribe companion
Leader of The Kings in Freeside
Second-in-command of the Mojave branch of the Van Graffs
Decanus holding NCR troopers prisoner in the Techatticup Mine
Injured NCR Ranger living in Novac
Supervisor of the Mojave Express in Primm
Commanding officer of NCR forces at Camp McCarran
Leader of the Fiends
Possible mutant companion
Manager of The Aces at The Tops
Daytime sniper of Novac
Second-in-command of The Kings
Commander of NCR forces at Camp Golf
Possible Follower of Apocalypse companion
Possible cyberdog companion

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