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Can you guess the words or phrases that are missing in these popular song lyrics?

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You used to call me on my __________
Rolling in the ____
Don't ____ me now!
So ____ me maybe!
Sweet _______ are made of this....
It's the eye of the ______, it's the king of the fight.
Hello, ________, my old friend.
Imagine all ___ ________
_________ over the rainbow
And you can tell ________ that this is your song
When your words mean _________ I found a way to block it I go....
_________, Love was such an easy game to play
With a taste of your ____ I'm on a ride.
You and me should write a ___ __________
When the sun _______ it'll shine together.
Where is the ____?
Does that make me _______?
ABC, Eay as _ _ _
___ me baby one more time
I love you like a ____ song, baby!
And I will ________ love you.
You turned this black ________ made it into gold.
I want you ____, I want you ____, I want you, want you ____
There's no ______ I'd rather be.
If I could save ____ in a bottle
Is this The way to ___________?
Wake me up ________
______ are you now that I need you?
Dance, _____, Dance, ______, dance!
Woa-oh-oh it's ______.
_______ of Love.....
I will never ______ you
Do you believe in ____ after love?
Forget about the ______ ______
Once I was ______ years old...
And if you think that I'm still _____ holding on to something, you should go and love yourself...
Oh, na na, What's my _____?
Is it too late to say _____?
Since you've been _____
I'm gonna ____ you when I'm gone
I keep ______, Keep, keep, ______ love.
Don't you forget about __
I hate your ____
Maths, Science, _______ unraveling the mystery
I've got you under my _____
We will ____ you!
P.S. I _____ you
Don't let me ______
_______, we are young
Shine _____ like a diamond
I will _______ love you

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