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Can you name the all the greek gods and heros?

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God or HeroNameFamous for.......
GodKing of the gods
HeroStrongest mortal
GodGod of light
HeroSolved the riddle of the Sphynx
GodMessenger of the gods
HeroKilled Medusa
GodGod of the sea
HeroLed Argonauts to find the Golden Fleece
GodGod of war
HeroKilled the Minotaur
GodGod of fire
HeroFastest mortal
GodGod of wine
HeroMortal who rode Pegasus
God or HeroNameFamous for.......
GodGod of woods and pastures
HeroFirst women, opened the box of evils
GodGod of love
HeroBeautiful human who fell in love with his image
GodGod of the underworld
HeroGreatest musician
GodGod of wisdom
HeroMarrried Orpheus
GodGod of the hunt
HeroRichest mortal, everything he touched turned to gold
GodGod of beauty/love
GodQueen of the gods
GodGod of grain/crops

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