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Who of the boys was first to pass his driving license?Easy
What car did Mr. Cooper buy Simon?Easy
What was the name of Simon's crush?Easy
What was Jay's dog called?Easy
What is the name of the school that the boys attend?Easy
What GSCE lessons did Neil do? (comma seperating)Medium
What was the name of Jay's ACTUAL girlfriend in 'Exam Time'?Medium
What was the name of the guy who Rachel is sitting next to in 'Night Out in London'?Medium
Where did Jay go caravaning?Medium
What was the name of the pub that the boys mistakenly went to for the school's first day tradition in 'First Day'?Medium
Where does Will state that his shoes are from in 'Night Out in London'?Difficult
What did Neil ask Jay to get him when he approached the Ice-Cream lady in 'Field Trip'?Difficult
What did Jay say to Big John after asking what happened to 'opening up and trusting' in 'Xmas Party'?Difficult
What was the name of the company that brought the disabled kids to Thorpe Park?Difficult
What did Jay think was Will's mum's vibrator in 'Home Alone'?Difficult
What did Will say when Simon first comes in to his room in 'Exam Time'?Hard
Which football shirt could Jay be seen wearing in various episodes?Hard
Which county did the boys go to in the first movie?Hard
Who was first to be sick in the tent in 'Camping Trip'?Hard
Complete this quote from 'Home Alone' 'It's like staying at the ___'Hard

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