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Can you name the following X-Men characters by rarely known facts?

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Fact!X-Men Character?
Mutant with the involuntary power of charm
Mystical villain that once enslaved Psylocke and made her his concubine
Actually one of the original X-Men whose powers drove him to becoming a villain
A powerful X-Man and X-Sibling whose history at the X-Mansion was erased from the minds of all other X-Men by Xavier
An X-Man who once commented on the actor portraying him in a movie, not being an accurate representation
An identity assumed by three very different characters at different times, for purposes of disguise
Optimistic mutant who is the son of a demon
Mutant who did not actually exist by this codename in the comics initially, but did in the X-Men cartoon series
Australian mutant who is daughter to Deathbird
Anti-mutant activist with infamous mutant parents
Fact!X-Men Character?
One of the only (if not the only) supervillains who have caused Wolverine to struggle with fear
This powerful mutant is actually a very frail old man who exists within a a cybernetic suit made from alien technology
Shortlived X-Men character who without her powers, once treated Daredevil in hospital
Aside from Jean Grey and Rachel Summers, this mutant also served as vessel to the Phoenix Entity
Though mostly underrated for her powers, this psionic mutant once defeated the epically powerful mutant witch Selene
Wolverine was forced to kill this former teammate, due to brainwashing
Mutant responsible for unifying Aurora's multiple personalities
Body double of a much-loved X-Man who fell prey to the Legacy Virus
Mutant ancestor of an X-Character who shares the same hair pigment
This superstrong youngster had a crush on idol Wolverine, but passed up on the opportunity to enrol at Xavier's after crossing paths with him

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