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Who in 2NE1 has a brother in MBLAQ?
Which members in 2pm can speak more than 1 language?
Who in GOT7 is from L.A?
What group is named after their blood types?
What group sings 'Alone' and 'Give it to me'?
What's EXO's debut song?
Who in BTS sang the opera version of 'N.O'?
What year did the song 'Sexy, Free, and single' come out?
Which group sang 'Janus' & 'Witch'?
SNSD debuted in America with the song..
Who has the nickname 'Golden Maknae'?
Who in B.A.P can hold water w/ his collarbone?
Who in Girls day is in 'We Got Married'?
True or False: BTOB Peniel is from Manhattan
What's CNBLUE's debut song?
What's EXO's fan club Name?
Which group sand 'Rainy Days?'
Who in 2NE1 was on 'SBS Roommate'?
EXO's Baekyeon or Baekhyun?
True or False: GOT7's Junior and Jackson were in JJ Project together

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