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His father was King Philip of Macedon and Aristotle was his private tutor
What American Presidents served the shortest term?
Series of wars between Athens and Sparta
First President of the United States in 1789
Who invented the colt revolver?
Invented the Telephone
This 'Age' began in 3100 b.c., ended in 1200 b.c., and ended the stone age.
Place where 'Civilization' mades its first appearance
What century did the two world wars occur in?
The Great Sphinx was erected in this place
Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln
The Iliad and the Odyssey were written by this man
This was the main sea used by the Romans and the Greeks
What was the second war that the United States was involved in?
Who was assassinated in Serbia to spark World War 1?
In what year did Albert Einstein die?
Pericles's Wife
What year did Napoleon conquer Italy?
Famous war that involved the '300'
Name the most famous city state of Greece
He was the most renown student of Socrates
Famous league created by Athens to continue the Persian War, Founded in 478 b.c.
League that Sparta formed in response to Athens's
What was Harry Truman's middle name?
Names for the slaves of Sparta
How many U.S. Presidents have their been total?
What empire funded different Greek city states to destroy Greece from the inside, since it was unable to do so from the outside?
Who led the famous march of the 'Ten Thousand' out of Persia and back to Greece after a failed battle?
What two countries used to make up the Austria-Hungarian empire?
Who was the leader of Russia during World War II?
What man, from Carthage, nearly destroyed Rome?
Who is the current Prime Minister of Canada?
The U.K. brought prisoners to what current day country?
What U.S. state was the last one to join the Union?
When did the last U.S. state join the Union?
When did the Cold War begin?
In what year was Israel established for the Jews for their suffering in World War 2?
What was the famous battle that General Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington called?
What year was the Treaty of Paris signed, formally recognizing the 13 American Colonies as an independant nation?
What was the American 'constitution' before the constitution?

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