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DescriptionPoetry Term
Repetition of similar sounds occurring at determined or regular intervals
Type of rhyme in which it looks like the words should rhyme, but they don't
A poem of fourteen lines, traditionally iambic pentameter
Type of above poem which has an octave followed by a sestet
Type of above poem which has a final couplet called a turn
Unstressed, stressed foot
Stressed, unstressed foot
Unstressed, unstressed, stressed foot
Stressed, unstressed, unstressed foot
Stressed, stressed foot
Unstressed, unstressed foot (extremely rare)
Line with one foot
Line with two feet
DescriptionPoetry Term
Line with three feet
Line with four feet
Line with five feet
Line with six feet
Line with seven feet
Line with eight feet
Repetition of vowel sounds
Repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words
Repetition of similar consonant sounds, not necessarily at the beginning of words
Giving human qualities to inanimate objects
Comparison between two usually unrelated things (The clouds are marshmallows)
Comparison between two things using the word 'like' (John is like a big bear)

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