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Can you name the important mythological characters?

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Father Sky
Mother Earth
Ruler of the Titans
Wife of Ruler of Titans
Goddess of Corn, the Harvest
God of Wine, Grapes
God of the Sky, Lightning
God of the Sea
God of the Underworld
Wife of God of Underworld
Goddess of the Hearth and Home
Goddess of Marriage, Wife of God of the Sky
God of War
God of Blacksmiths, Fire, Volcanoes, the Forge
Goddess of Athens and Wisdom
Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon
God of Light, Archery, Poetry, Music
Goddess of Love
Messenger God
Greatest Trojan Warrior
Greatest Greek Warrior
Queen of Carthage
Beautiful Girl who caused Trojan War
King of Sparta, husband of above girl
Commander in Chief of Greeks in Trojan War
The Judgement of _______
King of Troy
Clever Greek, came up with idea of Trojan Horse
Greek hero who wounded Aphrodite
Greek hero who went mad and killed a herd of sheep

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