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Convert 10110 (Base 2) to Base 10
Convert 3674 (Base 10) to Base 4
Divide 875 into two parts in the ratio 2:3
Multiply 444 x 23 in Base 5
Add 7465+645 in Base 8
Subtract 8123-645 in Base 9
If Bob can paint a fence in 3 hours, and Bill can paint a fence in 9 hours, how long will it take if they work together? (If your answer has a fraction in it, put it as a decimal.)
Name the significant digits in: 500.0320. Separate them by commas.
A lawnmower that was discounted 20% sold for $210.00. This was including a 5% sales tax. What did the lawnmower cost before it went on sale, excluding sales tax?
xy=yx is an example of what property?
x(a+y)=xa+xy is an example of which property?
a(xy)=(ax)y is an example of which property?
Josh deposits $5000 in his bank account (which earns simple interest). When he takes it out after 2 years, the amount of money has grown to $5700. What is the annual rate of intere
If 9 sheep can survive on 4 bales of hay for 8 weeks, how long can 3 sheep survive on 2 bales of hay?

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