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Forced Order
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DefinitionVocab WordChapter
Habitual honesty; accuracy or precision1
To approach and speak to3
Bring oneself into the favor of another5
Random, based on whims; tyrannical5
Close bond or connection3
Sever, harsh; simple, not fancy2
Goodwill, an act of kindness or charity1
Agreement, friendly relations3
To soothe or pacify5
Contribute toward, lead toward a desirable result5
Fall or draw back, shrink back2
To wish for or desire3
Belief or trustworthiness3
Good taste in behavior, speech, or dress1
Mock, ridicule4
DefinitionVocab WordChapter
Approval, applause3
Confuse, disturb, upset2
Too smooth or ready to be sincere6
Trouble, worry, torment2
Insult, or something that offends one's dignity6
To have weight or effect5
To embarrass or disconcert2
Agree with3
Scheme or plan5
Careful, meticulous, exact1
Rash, foolishly bold, recklessly daring6
Belittling, disdainful4
Exemption from punishment or harm1
Laziness, lack of energy6
Disown, renounce, reject4

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